Shopping at Mitsuwa in San Diego


Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace is a Japanese grocery store, book & ceramic store, and restaurant all in one convenient location. I’ve been fascinated with Japanese cooking ever since I stumble upon a cooking blog called Japanese Cooking 101.

I’ve never been to Mitsuwa and I was really excited to explore the store.  Everything is in Japanese so it was fun to try and guess the product contents.

I walked through a cold section and snapped a picture of containers of seaweed.  When the husband and I go to our local sushi bar, we love when we get a little mound of this yummy green seaweed salad.

Seaweed side dish

Seaweed side dish

At a regular grocery store, you’ll be lucky if they have a couple of brands of green tea.  At Mitsuwa, they have a whole row of different types of green teas – bag tea and loose tea.


A full row dedicated to Green Tea

And no visit would be complete without a quick look through the personal care section. There wasn’t much makeup, but I thought this gal advertising the false eyelashes was so cute!


Dolly Wink False Lashes

I purchased a few grocery items below so I can make two soups and an egg dish that I discovered on the Japanese cooking site.


My purchases at Mitsuwa

1. Bonito flakes to make udon noodle soup and miso soup.  I do have experience with bonito flakes when I did the Gwyneth Paltro detox and although the soup was delicious, I wasn’t planing to use bonito flakes again due to the over powering fish scent.  However, for the soup base, you only need to use a couple of handfuls of the fish flakes, so .. thought I’d try again.

2. Chocolate almonds.  Not exclusively Japanese, but it’s the only box of chocolates that I knew what it was!

3. Ito En Green tea.

4, One package of five individually wrapped frozen udon noodles.

5. A rectangle pan to make a rolled egg dish called, Tamagoyaki.

6. Tofu to add to miso soup

7. Green onions for miso soup

8. Japanese cucumber, a really good crunchy snack.

I’ll try my hand at Japanese cooking this weekend.  What is your favorite Japanese dish that you order at a restaurant or make at home?



14 thoughts on “Shopping at Mitsuwa in San Diego

  1. Peet

    I don’t think we have a single Japanese grocery store in Slovenia. Not that shocking, right?:) But I love sushi rolls! And miso soup, that so frigging good! I have to get my ass to a Japanese restaurant one of these days, it’s been too long . . .
    Peet recently posted…Porn Music Part 2My Profile

  2. Allison

    We have H Mart, the Korean supermarket, here in MA. I love going there. I also do a lot of Asian cooking and it great to be able to get those otherwise hard to find items. And like you, I must visit the makeup and beauty department! In addition to a few other things, I bought the cutest shower cap with red polka dots. I wondered after using it several times why my hair was always soaked afterwards? I guess that part must have been lost in translation, it wasn’t waterproof!
    Allison recently posted…Giveaway: Reviva Labs Peptides & More Anti-Wrinkle CreamMy Profile

    1. Monica P. Post author

      Asian cooking seems really healthy and I’m always working on improving my nutrition .. so Japanese cooking it is! Haven’t experimented yet .. waiting for spouse to get home from his travels.


  3. Happiness at Mid Life

    I live fairly close to Mitsuwa but don’t go there too often. I grew up with a lot of Japanese food so the candy isle alway brings me back some great childhood memories. I love buying all the different flavored seaweed and the furikake to sprinkle of rice.

    I hope you don’t live too close to any of the fires in SD. It’s been a scary week!

    Happiness at Mid Life recently posted…To Keep Or Not?My Profile

    1. Monica P. Post author

      Since we are coastal .. and miles (probably 1 hour away) from the fires .. the smoke didn’t impact our air quality. One of my colleagues did get a reverse 911 call to evacuate her home .. all is well though (house ok).

      Sadly, I guess this is a taste of thing to come from a long dry winter.


  4. Mrs C

    I love Japanese food! The seaweed is my favorite as it is so crunchy and the taste is so delicate! I watch San Deigo on the news yesterday about the wild fire.. it was a scary sight. Take care, Monica :)
    Mrs C recently posted…An Evening On The PalmMy Profile

    1. Monica P. Post author

      Luckily, we are far enough from the fires that I’ve hardly notices any smoke in the area. I am in a coastal area so we are getting a bit of sea breeze which is helping to keep the air clean. The news has been devastating though .. I can’t imagine losing my home to a fire.


  5. Denise

    Hi, Monica, I am back after some weeks of a needed and also hectic pause – but I liked that way! So now I will be more regular on the web :) I hope you are fine and I loved your post about the Japanese grocery! Loads of green tea! And the girl with the fake lashes is really cute – there are bloggers that go to Japan and bring so many nice makeup stuff, I would love to try some – and although you said they didn’t have many things, still a few is better than nothing! I’m curious to know how the cooking went – will you post some dishes for us to see? Hopefully! denisesplanet com
    Denise recently posted…Berlin, Koszalin, DublinMy Profile

  6. nancy @ adore to adorn

    AWW. I have such good memories of Mitsuwa. I love going since they have the things you cannot find at the regular market. I remember going there with my-then-bf-now-husband and I wish we still had one close to us
    nancy @ adore to adorn recently posted…Layer-lessMy Profile


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