C Wonder Driving Moccasins

This weekend I went to C Wonder in search of colorful clothing for spring and true to my nature I didn’t find a thing that I liked.  However, I did spot these silver driving moccasins and decided to try them on.

Driving Moccasins by C Wonder

Silver Driving Moccasins by C Wonder

The metallic pebbled leather driving moccasins have a cushioned insert with memory foam technology.  The nub sole gives a soft landing for your foot with each step you take.

Nub comfort sole

Nub comfort sole

On the C Wonder site, the one and only review said that these shoes fell apart in one month and for $98, I won’t be too happy if that happens to me.  However, I wear a different pair of shoes every day, so I think having the driving mocs in my shoe rotation will hopefully give the shoes longer life.   And who knows, perhaps the reviewer got a bad pair.

C Wonder Driving Mocs

All day comfort

Now that I’ve fallen in love with these shoes (wore them all day in blissful comfort), I am definitely looking for another pair.



10 thoughts on “C Wonder Driving Moccasins

  1. popcosmo

    I totally would fall for these too! I love the silver color so I’m looking forward to hearing how well these work out for you. I live in drivers when I have a lot of walking to do (isn’t that ironic?) and haven’t tried C. Wonder. Definitely curious to hear more!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

    1. Monica P. Post author

      I hope the C Wonder driving mocs last a while. I’ve never owned a pair of this style of shoe, but love ’em. I’m on the hunt for another pair :-)


    1. Monica P. Post author

      A million minus one .. lol. I just decided to donate a pair today. They are from Privo, but always make my feet sweat. Looks like I need to replace a pair of shoes this weekend 😉



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