A few items from All Cosmetics Wholesale

All Cosmetics Wholesale is an online discount makeup store.  I’ve purchased from this company before, but unsubscribe to their email list to prevent me from continuing to buy stuff I don’t need. So that lasted for a while, but then I somehow ended up back on their e-mail list (funny how that happens).  Of course, I visited the site and purchased a few items.

All Cosmetics Wholesale
All Cosmetics Wholesale

  1. Ever since I saw Allison’s [Never Say Die Beauty] post about Milani’s Anti Feathering Transparent Lip liner, I’ve been on the hunt for similar products.  I did pick up the Milani transparent lip liner and it works great, but there was only one left and I find that Milani isn’t well stocked at most of my local CVS drugstores.  The Lipology Anti Feathering Stick ($3.99) is a bit thicker than the Milani slim lip liner, but works quite the same.  Lipology boast that it has anti-aging properties which I’m always skeptical about.  I really just want a nice clear lip liner to prevent my darker lipsticks from migrating outside my lip line.
  2. Estee Lauder Dual Ended Doublewear Eyeliner is one of few eyeliners that has good staying power on my eyes.  I have oily skin and most eye liners wear right off.  This eyeliner has good staying power and it’s great for travel as one end is brown and the other end is black.  I believe this eyeliner is no longer available on the ACW site.
  3. Z-Palette:  I love these empty palettes for all loose shadows and blushes.  The base of the palette is magnetic so eye shadows pop right in and stay put.  The leopard palette that I purchased was on sale for $9.00 as they are discontinuing the leopard design.  The square palettes are normally $14.00.
  4. Essence gel eye liner in Berlin Rocks (dark purple):  I’ve heard many you tube guru’s rave about the staying power of the Essence black gel liner; however, the dark purple liner doesn’t work well on my lower lash line – no staying power.  No big deal though, for $2.99 it was worth a try.

I’m trying to decide if I should, once again, unsubscribe to All Cosmetics Wholesale email list.  I probably should – I have more makeup than I know what to do with 😉


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