Angel Tree: Gifts for children in Mexico

The company I work for is again hosting an Angel Tree in our office.  Last year, I choose a young girl and this year I chose a 2 yr old boy.  Since I don’t have children, it was quite fun to pick out cute outfits for this child.  Although, I have to say that children’s clothing is expensive!  I was surprised to see that children’s clothing is as expensive as adult clothing.

For the 2 yr old boy, I purchased item from Kohl’s.  I was surprised to discover than pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk has a boys clothing line at Kohl’s and the clothing is pretty darn cute.  I purchased a mock layer button down shirt, pants, hoodie, and socks. The toddler athletic shoes are by Sketcher and have lights that blink in the heel and the “S”.

Boys clothing | Tony Hawk at Kohl's
Boys clothing | Tony Hawk at Kohl’s

As always, there were a few tags left on the tree and to make sure all children receive gifts, the company covers any left over tags.  My colleague, Sonya and I divided the children.  I took two tags and over dinner I was explaining to my husband about the tree and how I needed to shop this weekend for gifts.  My husband gave me money to cover the cost of the two unclaimed tags so off I went to Target to shop.

One of the tags was for an 8 yr. old boy.  As I was looking at boys clothing, I found a clothing line by Shawn White.  Shawn is a pro snowboarder in the US and I really liked this line of boys clothing. The bomber hoodie jacket is really adorable.  I also purchased a long sleeve t-shirt, jeans, socks, and athletic shoes.

Boys clothing | Shawn White at Target
Boys clothing | Shawn White at Target

The last tag was for a really tiny 18 yr old girl.  I picked up a purple fleece jacket and tried to coordinate the outfit with purples and grays.  The Ugg style boots are really cute.

Girls clothing | Target
Girls clothing | Target

I also purchased a soccer and basket ball and a few playground balls, plus a package of 18 jump ropes. That should keep ’em busy 😉

This year I’m heading down to Mexico on Dec 20th as the photographer / videographer. I’m at that age where I don’t really “need” anything so it will be wonderful to see children enjoy their gifts. After all, Christmas is for children.


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