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The spouse and I headed to the San Diego Yacht Club to check on our boat.  We have a J105 sail boat which is a non luxury racing sail boat.  Sure, you can spend the night on the boat, but that’s roughing it a bit too much for me.  My husband purchased the boat 5 or so years ago and kept the boat name which is Sanity.  Two people can sail the boat, but for racing there is a six person crew.

Sanity was recently in the Lipton Cup Regatta here in San Diego and during one of the races the crew on the boat tried to do some quick tack, rushed to the rails, broke all the rails on the boat, and went over board. So we were at the yacht club checking on the repair progress, which is coming along.

On J105 Sanity | San Diego Yacht Club Building in the back ground
On J105 Sanity | San Diego Yacht Club Building in the back ground
I thought it would be fun to do a nautical look, but I found that I don’t have anything remotely nautical (and after some thinking about it – I’m totally fine with that!).  I actually adore all things ‘sea’.  I love my Sunset Beach Charm necklace from Stella & Dot.  And I really love all the jewelry from Na Hoku, which is a Hawaiian inspired jewelry store.

So what I decided on for a nautical inspired outfit was my Kohl’s Sonoma Boyfriend jeans, a J Crew stripped cotton crew neck t-shirt, a Target red belt (similar red belt), and some white & red Pony tennis shoes (vintage).  That’s as nautical as I’m a gonna get.

It was such a beautiful day that I took one shot of the channel that opens into the San Diego Bay.

Channel to San Diego Bay 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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