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A few weekends ago, I threw on an old pair of Jag jeans, a white t-shirt that had seen better days and a pair of tennis shoes.  I didn’t give my slob wear another thought and went to the mall.  While I was in Macy’s I spotted myself in a mirrored wall and thought .. oh, cheez .. I look like a hot mess!  The Jag jeans were way past their prime.  I had already repaired the back pocket when my husband and I had the following conversation:

Spouse: Nice pink underwear.
Me: What?
Spouse: You have a hole in your jeans and I can see your underwear.

Anyway, I promptly started trying on jeans and picked up two pairs.  I just had both pairs hemmed and decided that I’d like to look more presentable on the weekends and here’s the result.

Taylor was in a loving mood
Taylor was in a loving mood  

I purchased a pair of INC Curvy Fit Narrow Bootcut Jeans.  I love the contrast stitching in light gray against the indigo wash of the jeans. The paisley shirt is by Robert Graham that I purchased at Nordstrom a few months ago.  I remember being frustrated with the tops at H&M and purchased this blouse (which is really a tunic style top).  This top was expensive, but it fits perfectly.

INC Curvy Jeans (Macy's) | Robert Graham tunic top (Nordstrom) | CK Reversible belt (Macy's)
INC Curvy Jeans (Macy’s) | Robert Graham tunic top (Nordstrom) | CK Reversible Belt (Macy’s)

An oddly calm Taylor
An oddly calm Taylor

Even though it’s sunny, the temperature can be cool at the coast so I added the light blue sweater that I purchased from H&M which I chatted about here.

H&M Sweater
H&M Sweater

I also added a pair of black flats instead of tennis shoes which were easy to run around in – no foot pain.

Shopping Guide:

In other news:

  • Survived a crown and a filling.  No wonder why people hate the dentist.
  • Read Allegiant by Veronica Roth which is the third book in the Divergent series.  I finished Allegiant at 10:30 pm and was so distraught at the ending that I couldn’t sleep.
  • Looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday – three days off from work (yippee!).
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