Beauty from the inside out, a detox weekend with Goop

After all that Halloween candy consumption, I wanted to do a weekend detox.  I’m subscribed to Goop, which is Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog and she recently did a post about the most popular posts on her site and one of the subjects was a seven day detox program.  Now, I don’t have time to do a seven day detox program as I have a full time job and some of the recipes take time to make.  I will say that the food was very good and I enjoyed being on this diet for two days.

I didn’t take pictures of all the meals as quite frankly .. I was hungry and wanted to eat asap!  However, here are a few of the recipes that I did manage to capture.  I did tweek the recipes to the items I had on hand. For example, the first day breakfast called for an almond smoothie with blueberries and I used frozen raspberries.

Day 1:

Upon rising, 1 glass of room temperature lemon water.

8:00 am:  Herbal tea, I chose Numi Honey Bush.

10:00 am: Almond smoothie.

Raspberry Almond Smoothie with whey protein powder and Orac-Energy Greens
Raspberry Almond Smoothie with whey protein powder and Orac-Energy Greens


  1. 1 1/2 cups Almond milk.  Since I used a sweetened Vanilla Almond milk, I used 1 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup cold water.
  2. 1 scoop whey protein powder (not soy).  I used Tera’s Whey in Bourbon Vanilla.  This protein powder is organic and sweetened with stevia.  I purchased mine at a local Vitamin Shoppe, but you can of course order Tera’s Whey from Amazon.
  3. 1/2 scoop blueberries.  I used frozen raspberries
  4. 1 scoop of powder greens with probiotics.  I used Orac-Energy Greens.  I purchased a small package at the Vitamin Shoppe to try. The powder is green and when you mix red and green you get an unappetizing brown, so I only used 1 tsp instead of the whole envelope which is probably equivalent to 1 scoop.
Note:  To blend the smoothie, I used the Tribest Personal Blender which I purchased at Amazon years ago and it’s still going strong.
11:30 am: Coconut water.  I purchased the recommended Vita Coco coconut water which was gross. Real coconut water from an actual coconut is quite tasty, but I didn’t have any use for the coconut meat, so I decided not to purchase a whole coconut.  I had an apple instead.
12:00 pm: Lunch.  Hungry!  I made the Salad with Carrot and Ginger dressing and the dressing was delicious and yes, I’d make it again.  Since I was so hungry, I didn’t manager to snap a picture of my lunch, but it did look like the picture from Goop, minus the red onion.
4:00 pm: Snack.  Handful of mixed pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
6:00 pm: Dinner.  I made the Detox Teriyaki chicken and steamed greens for dinner.  No pictures as I was again, hungry.

Day 2:

I followed roughly the same menu plan as day 1 except for lunch I made the Broccoli and Arugula Soup, which I substituted watercress for the arugula.  This soup was a big surprised because the liquid base is water, not chicken or vegetable broth.  So I thought this was going to be tasteless, but the soup was delicious.  I used my Cuisinart Immersion Blender to blend the soup, but it left the soup a bit chunky, so next time I’ll use the Vitamix blender to blend the soup.
Note:  Vitamix blenders are quite expensive, but you can buy refurbished blenders at the Vitamix site. Also, I recently purchased a Ninja Mega Kitchen blender and it’s considerably cheaper than the Vitamix and works the same.  I did a write up about the blender here.
Broccoli and Watercress Soup | Recipe from Goop
Broccoli and Watercress Soup | Recipe from Goop
The other recipe that I made for day 2 was the Miso Soup with Watercress.  This soup was fabulous, but labor intensive.  The soup base is bonito flakes which is a bag of dried flaked fish.  I’ve never used this food product before, but it stunk up my house like a fish canning facility.
The directions for the bonito flakes is to boil water, reduce water to simmer then turn off the heat.  Add the flakes and steep for about 2 min.  Then strain the broth into a clean bowl and discard the flakes. All I can say is that the trash bin that is stored under the sink was heading out to the garbage – pronto!
Once the bonito broth is done, the rest of the ingredients, miso paste, mushrooms, seaweed, and watercress are added.  The soup was so warm, savory, and fresh.  I loved it, but unless I can cook the bonito flakes outside, I probably won’t make this again.
Miso Soup with Watercress | Recipe from Goop
What I love about this detox plan is that it is nourishing for the body so I didn’t get a pounding withdrawal headache. For the most part, the recipes are easy to make and are enjoyable. I can report that I feel much better and energetic.  I don’t know why I feel the need to eat all that crap Halloween candy, but yes, I seem to do it every year.
I’d really like to try the detox diet for the full seven days and I may try the diet again after the holidays when I’ll have some time off from work.
Have you ever tried a detox diet?

PS:  A Pear Shaped Gal turns 1 year old on November 5th. A celebration give away to post this week. Stay tuned!

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