Pear shaped gals can wear multi color dresses

Pear shaped gals are constantly told to focus on their top half and cover the bottom half in a solid color, usually black.  I mostly follow this rule because I don’t feel comfortable in lighter color pants.  However, dresses are another story.

Today I wore a multi color dress and I don’t think you can really tell that I’m a pear shaped gal in this dress. I purchase this dress from Kohl’s.  It’s from the Chaps Line and is called the Splatter Knot-Front Empire Dress.  This particular dress with the O-ring is no longer available, so check out the Chaps Printed Empire dress which is quite similar.

What I like about this dress is the O-ring accent that gathers the material right under the breasts and pulls the material close to the smallest part of the high waist line.  The rest of the material flows over the hips in an A line.  The multi color fabric doesn’t allow the eye to focus on anyone part.  It’s all a slimming illusion and I’m all for that!

Splatter Knot-Front Empire Dress from Kohls
Material is gathered by an O-Ring which is slimming to the waist.
Kohls,  Splatter Knot-Front Empire Dress and Naturalizer shoes
Shoes:  Naturalizer Dayna High Heel Sandal

I really like this dress.  It fits well and is colorful.  I think women should wear what feels comfortable and what looks good to you when you look into the mirror.  Fashion rules are nice, but for the most part, rules are made to be broken.


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