Hit and Miss weekend at H&M

As a way to offer inexpensive clothing to the mass market, I have a feeling that H&M’s clothing patterns are cut to the bare minimum.  Most items that I try on are too small in my normal size.  However, I keep returning to the store because sometimes it’s like a treasure hunt and I will find a nice surprise now and then like the $10 dress that I discussed here.

I went to H&M to find two items that I saw in a recent online advertisement.  The first item that I wanted to check out was their Biker-style jacket.  This jacket is made of a wool blend with faux leather details on the shoulders and lapels.  I also loved the asymmetrical zipper.  However, the cut of the jacket was so narrow I wouldn’t be able to move comfortably and a larger size just plain looked sloppy.  Oh, well .. it’s a cute jacket, but back to the rack it goes.

H&M Biker Jacket, $59.95 (USD)

The second item that I wanted to look at was the sweater below.

Rib-knit cardigan, $29.95

The shawl collar sweater has a slight peplum flare at the bottom, but I just didn’t like how this looked on me.  In the photo, the sweater looks structured, but the collar wouldn’t lay flat and so this was a no go as well.

Not wanting to leave empty handed, I found this lovely baby blue, long sweater. 

H&M baby blue long cardigan
H&M baby blue long cardigan

The sweater was $34.95 and is made of a nylon / angora blend.  The sweater is quite soft against the skin.

I also purchased a second long sweater with pockets from H&M’s Basics collection also $34.95.  This sweater is a nylon, viscose, cotton, and angora blend and is also soft and has a nice drape.  I’m looking forward to wearing both sweaters once the weather turns cooler.

Long cardigan, looks yellow but is really an oatmeal color
Long cardigan, looks yellow, but is really an oatmeal color

To make room for my new purchases, I recently donated quite a few sweaters that were in good condition, but I had them for so long that I was just tired of wearing the same thing each winter season.

Do you donate clothing each season?   How long do you keep an article of clothing before you decide to donate?


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