A trip to Walmart

One weekend in the desert I visited Walmart to look for FlatOut Light Wraps as they are only 90 calories per wrap.  I saw the wraps in a fitness video on YouTube and thought, hey, I’d like to try those.  Of course, I couldn’t locate the wraps, but walked around and picked up a few items while at the store.

  1. Couldn’t resist a cute new scarf for only $6.97.
  2. Needed some nail polish remover.
  3. Aquaphor healing ointment for hands.  Purchased for my dry hands, as listed on the packaging, it is an ointment and it feels .. yucky on my skin.  
  4. Vitamin C, 500 mg.  It’s cold and flu season, might as well start taking vitamin C.
  5. Flower Cream Eye shadow in Wild Geranium.  Very pretty peachy-gold color. 
  6. Neutrogena makeup removers.  I only use these to remove my face makeup before a work out as these don’t remove mascara without a ton of rubbing.

Danskin Fleece Jacket
>  Cute Taylor to the left of photo <

Also purchased a fleece jacket by Danskin at Walmart because the jacket was only $13.96, I couldn’t pass up such a bargain.

I’m back in San Diego and I wish Target had the Flat Out wraps as I’m a huge Target shopper and the store is much closer to my home than Walmart San Diego.  I may head to Walmart this weekend to see if they carry the wraps.  Now that the search for the wraps has become a challenge!  I’m probably wasting my time though.  Do you want to make a bet that those wraps taste like cardboard?

Do you prefer to shop at Target or Walmart? 


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