Old Navy Hawaiian print dress and shades of blue nail polish

This post is about a few items that I picked up in the desert during the July 4th weekend.  My husband and I are planning a vacation in Hawaii (Oahu) so I thought I should start looking for a cute dress.  I wasn’t expecting to find much in dresses at Old Navy, so I was quite surprised to find this pretty green dress with magenta flowers.  During the July 4th weekend, everything in the store was 30% off so I got this dress for under $20. 

Hawaiian print dress at Old Navy
Hawaiian print dress at Old Navy

While I was shopping at Old Navy, my husband was at Ulta getting his hair cut.  I came back to Ulta to find my husband still in the chair getting scalped (really she cut is hair way too short which makes him look like a block head).  Since it was too late to comment on the short hair cut, I started perusing  the nail polish isles.  These three shades caught my eye and the next thing I know, I’m making a purchase.  Funny how that happens.  No self control, what so ever.

Zoya Song, China Glaze Holographic and glitter

Zoya Song is the most beautiful royal blue nail polish with a bit of sparkle.  This polish was in the clearance bin for $4.00 (regularly $8.00). Yeah!  I will say that this polish will stain your nails upon removal.  I wasn’t too happy about that.

The China Glaze Holographic is really unique.  It’s a blue gray nail color with a slight green undertone.  It’s difficult to get the amazing colors in a photo.  This is one polish that you just have to see in person.

The China Glaze glitter is like a party on your finger.  The glitter is in a milky base so it’s quick to just slap it on if you don’t feel like adding a base color first.  There is a ton of glitter in this polish so you get good coverage in two coats.

Hues of blue nail polish

The colors in the photo above are all fairly good with the exception of Zoya Song, which is much darker in person.  I couldn’t quite get the lighting correct to show off this amazing royal blue color.

What is your favorite blue nail polish?


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