Black capri’s and adjusting a belt. Which way looks best?

You may recall this green floral top that I purchased at New York & Company in May.  Well, I finally pulled it out of my closet and wanted to shoot a few pictures on the best way to wear the belt.  The top came with a green belt and there are small belt loops above the waist to hold the belt in place.  I wasn’t quite sure how this would look on me as it seems an odd place to put a belt even as an accessory.

I threw on my usual neutral bottom, black capri’s and simply wore the top out.  The top is quite long and looks a bit messy and bunches in the middle.

New York & Co, floral green top, styled without belt

Then I threaded the belt through the loop holes in the shirt. I thought the belt divided the darker top and lighter bottom of the shirt nicely, but the belt felt odd.

New York & Co, floral green top, styled with belt
New York & Co, floral green top, styled with belt

Next, I decided to tuck in the top and thread the belt through the belt loops in the pants.

New York & Co, floral green top, tucked in, styled with belt

I think I like this look the best.

New York & Co, floral top tucked in with belt in pants
Tucked in and ready to go

How do you like the top styled?  

Belted above waist
Tucked in

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Cheers, Monica

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