Summer Soles shoe inserts and a few helpful tips for uncomfortable shoes

One day my colleague said she disliked wearing sandals to the office because of the flick flack, sticky foot noise that her shoes made when she walked around.  I said, I have the perfect solution – Summer Soles!

Summer Soles are ultra thin shoe liners that you can stick on the foot bed of your shoes or sandals to help keep your feet from slipping and sticking due to .. sweaty feet.   Just cut the liner to your shoe size, peel the backing and place the liner inside your shoe or sandal.  The peel and stick backing holds securely and removes easily with no sticky residue.  The shoe inserts come in a variety of colors and prints and are hardly noticeable in open toe shoes and sandals.  They even have shoe inserts for thong sandals.

Summer Soles for your sandals
You can barely see the sky blue Summer Sole liner peaking out

As you can see from the photo below, I buy quite a few pairs.  The only drawback is that I’ve never found Summer Soles in a store.  As far as I know, it’s online ordering only.

Summer Sole Shoe Inserts in Suede
Summer Sole Shoe Inserts in Suede

Another item that can help with shoe issues is molefoam (aka, moleskin).  This particular product is normally placed on the foot to cover blisters and corns.  However, I use molefoam on my shoes instead.  I have a pair of sandals where the stitching doesn’t lay flat and scratches my foot with every step I take.  So, I cut a strip of molefoam and stuck the molefoam under the leather strap to cover the stitching and problem solved.  Molefoam won’t work for every issue because it’s fairly thick so an alternative product is the Dr Scholl’s Tape for Her, Rub Relief Strips.  The relief strips are thinner and in a compact container that can easily fit into your purse.  The dispenser even cuts the strip so no scissors are needed.

Relief for your feet
Relief for your feet:   1. Moleskin | 2. Band Aid Friction Block | 3. Dr. Scholl’s, Rub Relief Strips

Shoe friction is another issue which can cause foot pain.  I’ve also used the Band-Aid Friction Block.  This product creates a barrier between your skin and the shoes to help prevent shoe friction and stop blisters before they start.  The three products above are easily found at Target or any drug store in the US.

In the end, if I’ve tried all of the above and my shoes are still bothering me, then I usually slip on my tennis shoes that I have at my desk at work and then I decide if I want to donate or toss the shoes when I get home. Life, after all, is way to short to wear painful shoes.

Also, please note that the link to the Summer Soles web site is not an affilate link.  I have been using these inserts for a few years and thought I’d share with you the end of sticky feet!

Hope these tips are helpful.

Cheers, Monica

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