SONOMA by Kohl’s relaxed fit boyfriend capri, dressing ’em up

Here is the dress ’em up version of my Sonoma relaxed fit boyfriend jeans in comparison with the dress ’em down post here.  As mentioned, my spouse is traveling so these photo’s are self timed.  The funny thing about these self timed photo’s is that when I put on heels, I neglected to adjust the camera and so you can see that my head is cut off.  I also forgot that my sunglasses are on my head (that’s why I’m squinting).  I find these errors pretty funny (novice!) and I’ll just have to file these two flaws under “self photo’s, lessons learned”.

I rather like the dressed up version because it’s quite different for me.  I’m not really fond of lacy clothing items, so I hesitated buying this top, but because the shape is t-shirt style, I decided that the top would work for me.  This lace top has a light lining so no need to wear a cami underneath.  Would you believe that I purchased the top at .. Costco?  Always check out Costco’s clothing, you never know what you’ll find.

Lace t-shirt top purchased at Costco

The shoes below are the second pair that I purchased from Payless Shoes.  The Kortee wedge sling shoes in coral are very comfortable and have the nice round toe cap, memory foam insoles, extra cushioning in the ball and heel of the foot, and a flexible sole.  The one draw back is that the shoes are man made material, not leather, but for $19.99, I can live with that.

Payless, Kortee wedge sling in coral
Payless | Kortee wedge sling in coral (the shoes also come in tan)
To finish off the look, I added a black jacket by Emma James (Liz Claiborne).  This jacket is an older piece, but it’s the most durable jacket I own.  I can throw this jacket into the wash and dryer and it comes out looking like new.  I can stuff it into a suit case and it comes out of my luggage with no wrinkles.  I think I purchased the jacket at a discount store (Ross or TJ Maxx).  This jacket is amazing and has a permanent spot in my closet.
Dressing ’em up, completed look
So there you have it.  I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with these boyfriend jeans.  And, if you have a Payless Shoe Source in your area, check them out.  I once read online that you should buy trendy shoes cheap and save your bucks for really great shoes like leather boots.  I think this is fairly decent advice.

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