Pool side

Desert House Pool
Desert House Pool

In San Diego, we have two months of over cast weather.  May gray and June gloom.  I can only handle over cast weather for a few days and then all I can think about is going to the desert for some sun.  It’s about a 2.5 hour drive from San Diego to Palm Desert and this past Friday, I packed up the dog and off I went for some much needed sun.

I arrived around 9:30 pm and the temperature was still 90 F / 32 C.  I was in heaven!  On Saturday, the weather was ultra hot and hit 104 F / 40 C.  As you can imagine, the pool looked very inviting.  Since I planned to hang out by the pool for a couple of hours, I wanted to have a few items outside with me so that I didn’t have to run into the house dripping wet.

Pool side table
Pool side table

Since it’s hot as Hades, it is important to stay hydrated.  My plastic container was filled with lemons and ice water.  Sunscreen is essential and my two favorites for out door intense heat are: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer (Spf 45) and Aveeno sunscreen for the face (Spf 70).  I also like Coola lip balm (Spf 30).  Colorful hair ties are always fun to keep the hair out of your face and to pass the time – reading material.

I’m currently reading Inferno by Dan Brown.  You may recall that this author wrote The Da Vinci Code.  I’m enjoying Inferno, but sometimes the story gets bogged down with a history lesson of the location.  I also love Oxygen Magazine.  If you want to learn about clean eating, training, and fat loss this is a wonderful magazine about real women, not pampered celebrities with personal trainers.

Lounge chair purchased at Costco
Lounge chair purchased at Costco

The Desert Sun cover story of President Obama's meeting with the Chinese President
The Desert Sun cover story of President Obama’s meeting with the Chinese President

As you’ve probably seen on the news, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping were in Palm Springs this past weekend as well.  My husband who was traveling flew into the Palm Springs airport and filmed a 2 second video clip of Air Force One. You can view the video clip here.  I thought it was pretty cool to be in the same location as two world leaders!

I hope the start of your summer season is going well and that you’ll be hitting the back yard pool or beach soon!


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