April Favorite: Motion Medica Skin Care

My current workout routine consists of yoga, weights, and running on a treadmill which I chatted about in my Exercise Plan post.  It seems that when I run and work up a sweat, I start to get body break outs, especially on my back.  I have tried body acne products such as Neutrogena Body Clear wash and Murad’s Acne Body Wash and Clarifying Body Spray.  Both products are very drying and leave my skin tight and irritable.

One day I came across a tweet on Twitter with a link to a write up about a company called Motion Medica.  I read the online article and promptly placed an order.  Since I wanted to try a few products with out a major commitment, I ordered the Fitness Skin Care Sample Pack ($21.95), which included:

Left: Fitness Skin Care Sample pack | Right:  Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser, 8 oz

From left to right:
(1) Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum
(1) No Time to Shower Botanical Mist, 2 oz
(1) Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser, 2 oz

I also ordered the 8 oz Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser ($28.97) as I read that the product removed sweat, dirt, and oil without stripping the skin.  I have been using the cleanser after I work out and I really like how my skin feels clean, refreshed, and soft.  My skin is comfortable and I don’t have to slather my skin with lotion to get rid of that burning tight feeling.  Plus, the products actually help calm my break out prone skin.

My favorite product is the No Time to Shower Botanical Mist.  If you’re at the gym and have ‘no time to shower’ then you can give your skin a quick mist to freshen up.  Since I work out at home, I have been using this product as a toner after my shower. The mist has a light tea tree oil scent and has healing botanical ingredients such as green tea, fennel, sage, and lavender to name a few.  I know this product works because I had an inflamed cystic acne bump on my back that I couldn’t reach to put product on, so I sprayed the mist on for three days and the bump went away.

The Antioxidant Endorphin Rush Serum is the one product that didn’t get much use only because the product should be applied prior to your workout so that when you skin heats up the serum will penetrate your pores and help keep your skin clear.  However,  I was usually dressed and ready to go when I remembered that this product needs to be applied pre-workout, so then you think, ah, I’ll get to it next time.

The products arrived promptly and were packaged in these cute and colorful bags.  I am really happy with my purchase and will definitely re-purchase the No Time to Shower Botanical Mist and Stellar Performance Post Workout Cleanser.


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