A Jewelry Tree Stand

I got the organizing bug this spring and I recently took on the task of re-organizing my jewelry. I have quite a few necklaces and I had them all stuffed in a very old jewelry box that I swear I’ve had since I was a teenager.  The jewelry box was originally brown, then I got all “crafty” and did a crackle paint job. This was when crackle first made its appearance in craft stores (way before crackle nail polish).  Anyway, it was really just time to say good bye to this item and find something modern.

Old crackle painted jewelry box
Old crackle painted jewelry box

 My next purchase was a sort of carousel jewelry stand off of ebay.  It arrived, I put it together, added the necklaces, and I just didn’t like how all my necklaces hung from the same height. The longer necklaces dragged on the dresser and I knew this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Next I saw the Chirp Jewelry Tree at Target and thought it was adorable.  I promptly put this item in my cart and added the ring bowl as well.

Chirp Jewelry stand and bowl from Target
Chirp Jewelry stand and bowl from Target

After I got my necklaces all organized, I realized that I was really missing the single drawer at the bottom of the old jewelry box so I purchased the Three Drawer Portofino Cube in Espresso from The Container Store.  This cube now holds my rings, earrings, and watches. 

3 Drawer Portofino Jewelry Cube in Espresso from The Container Store
3 Drawer Portofino Jewelry Cube in Espresso from The Container Store

The metal container with the dog on top says “A True Friend will leave Pawprints in Your Heart” and this is where I store Taylor’s (the cocker spaniel) baby teeth.

So now my dresser looks like this:

What’s on my dresser

I’m really enjoying the necklace tree.  I’ve found and worn necklaces that have been buried for years in the old jewelry box and I just love the necklaces dangling on the stand as a type of decorative art piece.

How do you store your jewelry items?


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