Nail Polish Organization

I have been looking for a way to organize my nail polishes for quite a long time.  As my nail polish collection keeps expanding; the space in my medicine cabinet keeps shrinking.

Medicine cabinet with too much nail polish
Medicine cabinet:  Not enough space for a growing nail polish collection

I searched the internet for nail polish organizers and all I could find were nail polish wall racks or a solid nail polish box by OPI.  I don’t want my home to look like a nail salon, so a wall unit is out.  A solid box seems useless if you can’t see the polishes.  The next place I searched was Pinterest.  Score!  The pin lead me to the web site where they used an acrylic athletic shoe drawer with dividers as a nail polish holder.  Now this I can work with!

I found exactly what I was looking for at The Container Store so I didn’t have to order from the Organize-It web site.

acrylic athletic shoe drawer with dividers
acrylic athletic shoe drawer with dividers

The athletic shoe drawer ($12.99) and dividers ($6.99) are sold separately.  Once the dividers are in place I added my nail polishes.  I decided to organize by color instead of by nail polish brand.

Nail polish Organization - acrylic athletic shoe box with dividers
Nail polishes separated by color

The number of nail polishes that fit in a divided square depends on the shape of the nail polish bottles. Also, the drawers stack on top of each other if you’re short on closet space.

Nail polish Organization - acrylic athletic shoe box stacked
Nail polish organization, stacked

The boxes easily fit in a cabinet.  I discovered that I need to be careful when pulling out the drawer as the boxes do not have much weight to them and can easily tip over when pulling out the drawer.

Nail polish storage boxes
Nail polish storage tucked away in a cabinet

The clear divided drawers are the best way for me to organize my nail polish collection.  I’m quite happy with this storage solution.

How are you currently storing your nail polish collection?


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