Do you need to style an inexpensive dress?

A few weeks ago I had the most fortunate shopping experience and found a dress at H&M for $10 that fit perfectly (like really fit, no alterations!).  For some reason I thought this plain dress needed additional styling.  So I bought a scarf (butter flies and sculls at H&M) and then an inexpensive navy belt at Forever 21.

If you’re curious, the photos were taken inside our desert house at the entry way as it was too hot to take the photo’s outside.  The painting and two clay pots came with the house.  My husband and I purchased the small table at Cost Plus World Market.

$10 dress purchased at H&M
$10 dress purchased at H&M

I really like the contrast between the peach top and maroon bottom.  So far, I’m really happy with the unadorned dress – as is.  I love how the dress flows over my pear shape with easy, no lumps or bumps. Then I thought, well .. how would it look if I added the scarf and belt?

Style a $10 dress with a belt and scarf

I added the navy belt, wrapped the scarf around my neck, and added a bracelet and watch. The outfit looks ok, but I’m not quite fond of things tied around my neck.  I like the nude Madden Girl Getta pumps which I chatted about here, these pumps are so comfortable that I’d love to get another pair in black.

$10 dress styled with a scarf as a shall
This odd look on my face is me smiling at the dog

Then I decided to fold the scarf and tie it around my shoulders and this is probably how I would style the dress (minus the belt) if I was going to be in a cool restaurant or conference room.  It seems that the belt pulls the dress in too much and there are those hips! Yikes!  Also, what’s rather interesting is that you can see the blue butterflies on the scarf, but not the faint white sculls.  Oh, and if you follow Icaria’s make up blog, she purchased the same scarf (here).

20 lbs of terror and love

Of course Taylor has to make an appearance.  What a ham.

So the moral of the story (um, blog) is that an inexpensive dress (or any dress really) doesn’t need excessive styling to be stylish.  Sometimes the simplest styles may be the most flattering for your figure.


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