Lace front sweatshirt

Oh, gloomy day.  I didn’t feel like getting dressed up for work.  I am lucky that I work in a casual, non client office and I can wear jeans to work.

This lace front sweatshirt has been hanging in my closet for a few months.  I purchased the sweatshirt from Forever 21 and then found it to be an odd combination of materials.  Lace? Sweat shirt?  Hmm.

Lace front sweatshirt by Forever 21
Lace front sweatshirt in off white.  Taylor running around in the background

Turns out that it is a really nice and comfortable top and I’m glad I made the purchase.  I’m not a big Forever 21 shopper as most of the clothing doesn’t fit me.  I like to wander around the store and sometimes I find an interesting top to buy.  I don’t mind the fast fashion business model of Forever 21.  If this top lasts 1 or 2 years that’s ok with me.  I’ll probably be bored with it by that time anyway.

Lace sweatshirt, details
Lace sweatshirt, close up

Since it was damp and chilly, I added a tan corduroy blazer that I purchased from Chico’s a few years ago and my spring scarf which I wrote a post about here. I am eager to include some type of spring item in my daily wardrobe.

The straight leg jeans are Macy’s brand Style & Co.  This brand has stepped up their sizing options and the jeans are a good choice for a pear shaped gal.  They have curvy jeans, tummy control, and skinny jeans for the curvy figure.  The jeans also come in a variety of styles such as color washed, prints, and solids.

Tan Corduroy Jacket by Chico's
Chico’s tan corduroy jacket & spring scarf.  I’m watching Taylor run around.  That dog has energy!

Are you currently finding ways to add spring items to your daily outfits to help hurry in the warm weather season that is just around the corner?


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