H&M dress for $10 dollars

I’m always envious of blogger who find these great bargains and I wonder if I’m forever in the wrong place at the wrong time until this weekend.  I went to the mall to return a pair of shoes and decided to check out H&M. 

H&M was having quite the sale and so while searching the sales rack I found a lovely two toned dress.  When I saw that a $49.95 dress was marked down to $10 dollar – I gasped!  Dare I believe that this dress would fit a pear shaped gal?   Off to the dressing room I go and what do you know, the dress fit quite well. OMG, I found a bargain!  I hunted around for some shoes (nothing in my size), then I came across a butterfly scarf that looked so sweet, feminine and looked fabulous with the dress.  Sold!

H&M dress for 10 dollar
H&M dress for $10!

 The back of the dress closed with a zipper and three delicate buttons at the neck.

H&M dress for 10 dollard back
Back of H&M dress, long zipper with three buttons at the neck

When I saw the scarf in the accessories section of H&M, it was on a scarf hanger and I just noticed the spring time butterflies.  When I got the scarf home and unfolded it to photograph, I notice all the .. sculls? Sculls on the scarf!   SCULLS?  On a spring scarf? 

H&M butterfly and scull scarf
H&M butterfly and scull scarf

Oddly enough – I kinda like it.  When it’s folded, you can’t really see the details of the print.  The butterflies are more noticeable due to the darker print and the sculls are quite light, so ..eh, it’s a keeper.

I’m not modeling the dress as it really needs a belt to look complete.  I shopped around, but didn’t find anything and have been looking online.  I’ve come up with the following belt color choices:

High Waist Fashion Stretch Belts
Belt option for H&M dress

I think that anyone of the belts above would go great with the peach and maroon dress.  I’m leaning toward the blue one as it almost matches the butterflies in the scarf – what do you all think?


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