Fun Spring Clothing finds at Target

While in Target the other evening, I noticed that they have a few trendy spring clothing items.  I immediately fell in love with the floral jackets.

Target Blue Floral Blazer
Target Blue Floral Blazer

Target Dark Multi Color Blazer
Target Dark Multi Color Blazer

Unfortunately, these jackets did not fit me as the arms are too tight in the size medium.  The size large fit better, but it was obviously too large in the shoulders.  I have a hard time with medium and large sizing in blazers and have much better luck with blazers that are sized in numbers such as a size 8 or 10. 

I also spotted these cute floral and polka dot pants.  As mentioned here, Target has an excellent buying guide to help customers find the perfect fitting pants.  The pants below are a Fit 2 and I’m a Fit 4 or 5 so even though these pants won’t fit a curvy pear shaped gal, I still think the material is quite pretty. I purchase a sleeveless top in the same navy floral print as the pants on the left.

Merona_Women's Tailored Ankle Pant wBelt_Fit 2 Prints
Merona Women’s Tailored Ankle Pant with belt, Fit 2

What do you think of this dress?  It’s so odd with the stripes going every which way, it sort of confuses my eyes and maybe that’s the point?  It probably looks flattering on, but I think I’ll pass.  Besides, every time I try on a peplum top, I feel like a hippo in a tutu.  It’s just not a good look for me :-)

Mossimo Women's Stripe Peplum Dress  BlackWhite
Mossimo Women’s Stripe Peplum Dress -Black White

Happy spring shopping!


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