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I follow some wonderful fitness and exercise blogs and one of my favorites is The Athletarian written by Christina.  In one of her posts, she asked her readers if they follow a running/exercise plan.

I replied:

If I’m exhausted when I come home from work, I do a yoga DVD.

If I have medium energy, I lift weights.

If I’m full of piss and vinegar – I run!

In Christina’s reply comment to me she said, “HAHAHA oh my goodness! You make me die. That’s the best training plan I have ever heard of”.  I can only say that it’s true.  I don’t really have a set exercise plan.  I just adjust my exercise to how I feel.


If I am tired, I’ll select one of my two favorite Rodney Yee yoga DVDs:

AM Yoga for Your Week
In the morning, I prefer to wake up with a cup of coffee instead of yoga, so I use the AM Yoga for Your Week in the evening.  I find this DVD quite relaxing and enjoy the beautiful Arizona scenery in the background.  There are five, 20 minute yoga sessions and my favorite is the Hip Openers routine.  If you sit at a desk all day – this work out is for you!  I can’t believe how stiff I’ve become over the years.  This mostly seated yoga practice allows me to stretch and open my hips for better mobility.

AM PM Yoga
There are two yoga session on this DVD and I mostly do the AM yoga with Rodney Yee.  The 20 min PM session is with Patricia Welden.  She has a couple of yoga poses on the PM practice the I simply don’t like and quite frankly – hurt.  So I only do the AM stretching session.

Both DVD’s use the following equipment:  Yoga mat, yoga strap, yoga block, and a folded towel or blanket.  All of these items can be found at your local sporting goods store or Target.


Years ago my husband bought me a small, used home gym which is stored in the garage.  I use this equipment intermittently, but I am trying to use the home gym more as I do have a goal to look fabulous for a trip to Hawaii in September.  I probably work out two times a week with weights and concentrate on an upper and lower body split work out.

Hoist home gym in the garage


I’m not much of a runner, I prefer a run / walk interval training approach.  I’m also not a good outdoor runner and prefer to run on a treadmill as a treadmill helps me run at an even speed.  To help pace myself further, I purchased the Couch to 5K iPad app and really liked the program.  I got to week three on the running app, but then my husband started a fixing up the house project and for lack of space in the garage, stuff just gets piled on the treadmill.  When I come home and see that the treadmill isn’t available unless I remove all the items on it, well .. you sort of say, maybe I’ll run tomorrow.  So I must correct this issue on the weekend.

Reebok treadmill in the garage

As you can see I cleared off the treadmill and did a nice run / walk workout this morning.  My legs feel like jello, but I’m glad I got the workout done and out of the way; otherwise, I’ll find a millions excuses to not exercise in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I think I’ll take an exercise break as I’ve been invited to a Stella & Dot trunk show that my friend is hosting.  She promises good eats and mimosas.  I’m so there!


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