Energizer Bunny

I feel like the Energizer Bunny.  The extra hour of daylight from our recent time change gives me an extra hour to continue my day after being stuck in an office for 8 hrs.  I haven’t been this happy in months and I didn’t even miss the extra hour of sleep!

Although I am still working with a nutritional counselor, I haven’t been giving my diet a great deal of thought.  I have tried out a few new recipes, but due to the time change, I’m more focused on being outside.  That also means that I haven’t been too focused on watching TV while I eat or weighing myself.  I do know that I lost three pounds when I was recently weighed at a doctors appointment.  Yeah me!  And yes, the numbers on a scale still mean something to me.

The first new baked item that I tried was a Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Protein Bake recipe that I found on bodybuilding.com

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Protein Bake
Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Protein Bake

This was a good recipe, but the fruit starts to look a little gross after a day in the fridge.  The cake base is quite good so I’d swirl in some strawberry jam and maybe a bit of chocolate hazelnut spread instead of the fruit.  The serving size is 1/4 for 475 calories, so it’s like a meal – perhaps a nice breakfast treat if you’re sick of eggs.

The next adventure in food came from Kimberly Snyder’s site.  This salad is called Dharma’s Kale salad.  I had the ingredients and whipped up this salad in no time.

Back row:  Kale, tomato, lemon, avocado.  Front row: Nutritional yeast, sea salt, roasted seaweed, sprouts
Back row:  Kale, tomato, lemon, avocado.  Front row: Nutritional yeast, sea salt, roasted seaweed, sprouts
Dharma Kale Salad
Dharma Kale Salad

The Dharma Kale salad was – ok.  I think a full on kale salad is a lot of roughage and wasn’t pleasant to chew.  The roasted seaweed added an odd fish flavor, but the creamy avocado balanced everything out.  I do like kale, but find that it’s best served with other lettuces such as the Pumpkin Seed and Herb salad that I wrote about here.  Now, THAT salad is GOOD!  I’ve enjoyed making and eating the Pumpkin seed and Herb salad over and over again.  That recipe is a keeper, the Dharma Kale salad .. not so much.

Have you tried kale in your salads?  What do you think of this rather tough veggie?


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