Vince Camuto top, Betsey Johnson belt

This weekend the spouse and I were at the desert house and we decided to have a casual dinner at The Cliff House. This restaurant is a Palm Desert locals favorite.  They have a really lovely outdoor patio that is a great place to eat when the weather is warmer.  The evening desert temperature can drop to 50 F / 10 C so in February, it can be too chilly for outdoor dinning.

Since it’s a casual restaurant I decided to wear a pretty pink mixed media blouse by Vince Camuto and a white studded belt by Betsey Johnson which were both purchased at TJ Maxx.  The front of the top is a silky rayon and the sleeves and back of the top are cotton.  The sleeves are gathered by a button.  I, of course, just realized that you can’t see any of these details as I forgot to get close up photos (will try to remember this next post).  The jeans are my slimming, Not Your Daughters Jeans that I did a post on here.  I also wore the only pumps that I can get my feet into .. the Madden Girl beige patent pumps that I chatted about here.

Vince Camuto top, Betsey Johnson belt, NYDJ, Madden Girl pumps
Vince Camuto top, Betsey Johnson belt, NYDJ, Madden Girl pumps

The necklace I have on was purchased from The Burlington Coat Factory.  Burlington has a decent costume jewelry section that is sometimes hit or miss.  Actually, if I’m truthful, it’s mostly miss and is sometimes not worth the bother of digging through the tangled mess of necklaces; however, they must have cleaned up and restocked a few days before I visited the store.

Gold, drop bead necklace
Gold, drop bead necklace

I’ve noticed that clearance jewelry is often a tangled mess.  Do you like to dig to find a bargain or is it too much of a bother and not worth your time?


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