Spring clothing trends at New York & Co.

I had some extra time on my hands this weekend and felt that I was in need of some retail therapy after a poor start to the President’s Day three day weekend. So I went to the mall to see what was new and trendy at New York & Co.  The store was filled with quite a bit of pink and beautiful bright spring colored clothing.  I fell in love with a pink trench coat with faux leather piping.  I thought the price was reasonable at $99, but I passed on the purchase because it doesn’t really rain much in California and this beautiful coat would just sit in a closet.

NY & Co trench coat with faux leather piping

The coat looks orange in my photo, but the trench is a lovely shade of pink.

NY & Co trench coat with faux leather piping in ultimate coral
NY Trench  – Photo from NY & Co web site

Even though I like NY & Co. clothing, their sizing can be a hit or miss for me so my only purchase was a loose fitting, stripped top. 

NY & Co stripped top with zipper detail in the back

On my way out, I snapped this shot of a few interesting tops.  I thought the color combination of orange and baby blue was really fresh and I liked the abstract stripes.

Spring tops at NY & Co
Spring tops at NY & Co – left to right:
Chiffon Abstract Striped Tunic
Graphic Print Satiny BodyShaper Camisole
Color Block Crew Neck Sweater

The one thing that turned me off at New York & Co. was the hard up-sell at the register.  As I was purchasing my top, I received the 5 minute sales pitch:

“Tops are buy one, get one half off”
“Do you need pants to go with this top?”
“Our athletic wear is also on sale, 25% off”
“Did you take a look at our shape wear?” ( ah, do I need to? )

This is the first time that I was bombarded with the sales pitch, I mean, I was beginning to think I was in Bath & Body works.  If you’ve ever shopped at BBW, you can barely get out of there with one item. The sales assistants are loading you up with lotions, shower gels, wall flowers etc.

Have you noticed the up-sell at retail check out counters lately?  Or is this something new?


6 thoughts on “Spring clothing trends at New York & Co.

    1. Monica P

      I don’t mind one sales pitch, but the sales associate had a list (oh, well it’s her job). It was kinda funny like I was waiting for her to say ‘do you want fries with that’ .. lol


  1. SoJez

    Ah, that trench is lovely.
    I don’t shop much but when I do, I have noticed the up selling. Sometimes it’s useful because there are times I haven’t known about a certain sale and I end up feeling so glad they mentioned it. However, I hate shopping so when I do it, I usually go to get something specific. I feel that my first, stern, “No thank you” should be sufficient for them to lay off. After that, the insistence feels like downright harassment. But, in the end, I tolerate it. Overall, it’s really not a big deal and I understand they’re just doing their job.

    1. Monica P

      Sure, I know it’s the sales assistant’s job, but I never had this type of pressure at NY & Co. so it was a bit odd. Usually, they’ll tell you about the buy one, get one 50% off, but this gal had a never ending stream of up sell items.



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