How awareness while eating aids in digestion

On Friday afternoon I had a phone call with my nutritional coach, Tanya at Root Wellness.  We discussed how outside distractions can have an impact on digestion. She provided me with an excerpt from The Slow Down Diet which discussed awareness while eating.  If you’re interested, you can read The Metabolic Power of Vitamin A: Awareness excerpt here.

The excerpt states that if we fail to recognize the food that we are eating, due to outside distractions such as watching TV, then we are less likely to metabolize our meal and gain the nutrient value of the meal.

In theory, I agree with this observation, but I work for a global company which means that I have to adjust my schedule to meet global time zones.  This means that I may have breakfast while attending a two hour audio conference at 5:30 am or I may have a working lunch meeting as that is the only time to get managers together.  So it’s not always possible to be ‘one with my meal’, during the day.  I have been asked to have dinner without the television blaring in the background, which I’ve done and haven’t noticed any difference, although I honestly haven’t been looking.  I have noticed that I eat less when the TV is off.  I’m not reaching for dessert to continue my mindless eating in front of the TV.  So that’s a plus!

I also started tracking my food on and I also weigh myself once a week.  Otherwise, how will I know if I’m eating too much?  Tanya asked me to stop tracking and weighing myself for 30 days.

WHAT?!? No tracking and no scale for 30 days?  Totally unreasonable, but I will give it a try.  The reason to put these items aside is to listen to the physical needs of your body and not what a calorie counter or scale tells you.

As with any worth while endeavor, if you want to improve your life style, athletic ability, or weight loss, you’ll make the time to accomplish these goals. So I will attempt again, to turn off the TV while eating, stop tracking my food, and step off the scale for 30 days.

Wish me luck.


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