H&M Floral Explosion for Spring 2013

I was at H&M today and really loved all the floral patterns in their 2013 spring collection

H&M Spring Collection for 2013
H&M Spring Essentials

Of course I’m just noticing this now, but I really love the floral top with the bright yellow sweater.  I have a black A-line skirt (needs to be hemmed).  So I will probably run back to H&M and pick this up tomorrow. 

H&M Floral tops, Spring 2013 Collection
In the dressing room, from left to right:  Floral jacket, floral sweater, floral sleeveless top

The floral jacket was an odd fit when I zipped it up, the floral sweater was too tight around my arms.  I have quite muscular arms .. so sleeve circumference can be an issue for me.  The sleeveless floral top was perfect.  This top is so lovely and feminine.  The extra material draping in the front gives a light and airy feel.  I knew this top was for me.

H&M Boyfriend jacket, and floral top
Red boyfriend jacket over floral sleeveless top

 Although I liked the red boyfriend blazer, the arms were tight when I crossed my arms and so I didn’t end up purchasing the blazer.

H&M Floral top
H&M Floral Peplum top

I thought this peplum top was really pretty, but I didn’t try it on.  My purchases of the day are below.

H&M floral top, Zara t-shirt, Boscia, cleansing oil, notebook
H&M floral top, Zara white t-shirt, Sephora items & Papryus note book

As mentioned, I did purchase the H&M floral top.  Next stop was Zara and they were having an amazing sale, but I only ended up with the white t-shirt which was $25.90 marked down to $9.99.  The pocket on the front has a faux leather detail and 7 white studs.  The sleeves are rolled up and held with a white stud as well.  I typically gravitate toward white and black clothing items.  I’m trying to break this habit, but as you can see .. was not totally successful.

Visited Papryus Cards and Gifts for a b-day card (not shown) for my mom’s husband.  He was born on Valentines Day.  I also picked up a cute note book.

At Sephora I purchased what I needed, the Boscia blotting papers and I’m trying out the Sephora Supreme cleansing oil ($14.00 for 6.4 fl oz).  I normally use Dermalogica Pre Cleanse, which is fairly expensive, I believe around $36 for 5.1 fl oz.  Cleansing oils are great and remove all make up, even water proof mascara.

While at Sephora, I also swatched the Urban Decay Glinda Oz Pallet, but didn’t purchase it.  I blame my desire for this palette on Katie at Katie Alyse Beauty Blog for writing a really wonderful review on this palette and making me want it so much ~ thanks Katie :-)  Oh, yes .. I am probably going to pick this palette up tomorrow while everyone is tucked away watching the Super Bowl.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


29 thoughts on “H&M Floral Explosion for Spring 2013

  1. GJ S

    I am not much of a floral person – but I’m really trying (it’s what I keep saying about stepping out of my comfort zone – ha!). Because of that, unfortunately, my eye kept on drifting towards their amazing collection of stripes: shirts, dresses, skirts. Someday I’ll learn :)

    FashionEdible Blog

    1. Monica P

      I’m not one for florals either .. but the stuff at H&M was so pretty and unique. I only purchased one item .. may consider one more top.

      I didn’t see many stripped items, but I probably wasn’t focused on that particular pattern.


  2. Joni

    I just have to stay out of the fast fashion stores. They have eye catching clothing and accessories but none of it hangs well on me, nor do I keep the items very long. So tempting though! I love the springtime items you purchased though. Makes me wish it were spring!

    1. Monica P

      Hi Joni,

      I usually buy a few cheap piece per season. As you can see from my post, nothing fits me well at H&M either and I only ended up with one item. It’s fun to look though just to see what the trends are for each season :-)


    1. Monica P

      I looked at your photo’s on your blog .. love the trousers! I saw similar patterns in the Not your daughters jeans, but the price was $100+ .. so would like to wait for a sale :-)


    1. Monica P

      Hi Kristine,

      I haven’t been this excited for clothing in like forever .. lol. All the floral tops, skirts, pants .. were just so pretty. Must. Shop. More. :-)



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