JLo jeans vs. Not Your Daughter’s jeans

When I go shopping for jeans I’m looking for the magical tag that says .. Curvy.  Jeans labeled curvy are usually relaxed through hip and thigh with a fitted waist.  These are the type of jeans that fit a pear shape gal the best.

So I decided to visit Kohl’s as I usually do when I’m in the desert and found a pair of JLo jeans that were tagged curvy.  I tried the jeans on and the fit was good, but what I see in the mirror is someone who looks like she just poured herself into this pair of jeans.  The jeans fit perfectly, why do they look bad on me?  Well, the jeans have a worn look on the thighs and on the rear end as you can see in the photos below.  The placement of the acid wash on the thighs brings the eye right to the area that most pear shaped gals are trying to conceal.  It was a real shame that these jeans were designed this way.   These jeans are not a flattering style for a pear shaped gal.  So I put the jeans back on the rack and off I went to Stein Mart.

JLo boot cut jeans (Kohl’s), notice the white wash on the thighs and ‘cheeks’ under the pockets.

Stein Mart is a designer label for less store similar to TJ Maxx.  While shopping, I found a pair of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans on sale for $50 which is quite a bargain as NYDJ jeans usually sell for $120 at Nordstrom.  Oddly enough, after trying on a few pairs of NYDJ at Nordstrom, I decided that this brand wasn’t for me.  I thought the jeans were super stretchy and the material hardly resembled denim.  The stitching was a bright tan color which didn’t help smooth out those lumps and bumps.  The pockets were over embellished as well.

The NYDJ pair that I picked up at Stein Mark were completely different.  The jeans are a dark material with dark stitching. The petite black rhinestone detail on the back pockets, although visible, really blends into the jeans instead of highlighting the rear end.  The monochromatic color of these jeans creates a slimming line from the hips down to the boot cut leg opening. 

Pocket design that blends, not highlights rear end

 The multi color t-shirt and purple unlined jacket are both from the Daisy Fuentes line at Kohls.

Long, lean lines with NYDJ

Overall, I’m quite happy with my NYDJ purchase.  I’m not sure I’ll spend $120 on a second pair, but if I do find another pair at a discount retailer, I’ll be sure to try them on.

What are your favorite slimming jeans for your body type?


49 thoughts on “JLo jeans vs. Not Your Daughter’s jeans

  1. Blush and Barbells

    I’ve never tried NYDJ, but maybe I should the next time I see them at Nordstrom Rack. I’ve heard Cookie Johnson jeans are great too, but I generally stick to Levi’s Bold Curve jeans.

  2. Lady of Style

    Great find, Monica. I never tried NYDJ as they are between 140 and 170 € here in Germany which I am not willing to spend.
    I especially like the dark wash and always go for it because it is a bit more formal and I tend to combine my jeans with a white blouse or a blazer.
    Since I am more an hourglass type I prefer normal waist to low hip. Not only more comfortable but also better for my figure.


  3. Whitney

    You nailed it with this because every jean fits so different! it’s so important to find the pair that fits YOU. Those look great on you!


  4. Katie Chamel

    These jeans look great on you! And I am all about some bargain hunting, TJMaxx is my store!
    And you are definitely not missing much on that Revlon blush palette. You can skip that one and not feel bad about it! ;p


  5. SoJez

    It’s disappointing that jeans aimed at the curvy figure have the light acid washing exactly in the areas that are usually unflattering for the curvy figure. You’d think they’d know better. More surprising is that J.Lo, who is a curvy figure herself, would put her name on such an unflattering pair. They’d be perfect if not for the wash. Anyway, that’s my biggest gripe: when an otherwise perfect pair of jeans is ruined by such thoughtless details. My go-to jeans used to be Gap Long & Lean. But a few years back they changed the design and material and now I find them completely unflattering. I’ve read great things about NYDJ but the ones I tried on I didn’t like at all. So I’m still on the hunt for that perfect pair. I just want a nice, flattering, PLAIN pair but it seems like designers nowadays have a need to throw studs, glitter, rhinestones and huge, obnoxious logos on everything. Bleh.

    1. Monica P

      Years ago, I use to wear Gap jeans as well and then they changed the cut so like you .. I had to start my new search for jeans. I’m not one for over embellished pockets, but I do have two pairs of INC (Macy’s) jeans with a bit of pocket design. As long as the design is flat .. that’s good. If it sticks out .. it just adds more volume to your butt .. lol.


  6. Joanna

    They look fabulous on you! I’m a big fan of NYDJ. I also love that they are Made in the USA:) I get mine discounted from 6pm.com Perfect addition to your wardrobe:)

    1. Monica P

      I did look up the NYDJ web site and noticed that the jeans are made in the USA – which I didn’t know before. I’ll have to check out 6pm.com for a future pair.


  7. Ivana Džidić

    I rarely buy jeans…I like high waist but I rarely find something that I like and that fits the way I want it to. There were times even when I would buy jeans at the men’s departmant because they had more choice (kind of paradoxical right?)

    Anyway personally I like fitted jeans but not skinny, ( it may look good on some but I avoid it) I don’t like jeans to be too tight so basically I rarely find what I want and I have sort of given up.

    The pair you have chosen looks great.

  8. hotflash.org

    The jeans look great on you. Shopping persistence can pay off. I rarely wear jeans because I find denim uncomfortable. I have a small waist in relation to my hips, so jeans are nearly always too big in the waist for me, creating an unattractive gap in the back. I don’t want to spend the money to have them altered. Also, jeans generally have a bulky zipper in front, making my nicely rounded tummy look enormous. I have one nice pair of jeans that I found at Chico’s years ago that actually fits me and looks good.

  9. Bohemian Chick

    Great find, Monica! I LOVE SteinMart. You are right about the wash – it highlights the wrong areas if you’re curvy. The ones that you have look great on you. I have always had trouble finding jeans that fit. Even when I was thin, my shape was such that I’d have a gap in the waist if they fit my hips.
    The closest that I got to a fit was DKNY jeans, and occasionally some unknown brand. I’ve never tried on NYDJ due to the price. I did recently try a pair of 7 for All ManKind that are curvy style. They are tight on me, but aside from that they do fit pretty well. And they’re dark wash, my favorite. I don’t go to SteinMart often because it’s fairly far away from where I live right now. But I’ll remember this the next time I’m in that area.

    1. Monica P

      I never new about Stein Mart until I found the store in Palm Springs. What’s funny, is that my husband always suggests that we go to Stein Mark as he’s found some good deal on brand name pants and shirts.


    1. Monica P

      I haven’t looked that hard for color jeans for curvy, but perhaps spring will bring more colored jeans to the stores for the pear shape. One can only hope 😀


    1. Monica P

      Hi Alice,

      Jeans are one of those article of clothing items what are hard to find for most people. I think the NYDJ was a lucky find for me. That’s why you have to shop, shop, shop all the time :-)


  10. Sam

    They look fab on you! I’ve always wondered why so many jeans have that really faded area down the centre – sometimes it works, but it also ruins the look of many a good pair, as well as being unflattering for many people!

    Sam Muses xx
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