GUESS Winter Coat

New Year, New Coat.  Out with the old, In with the new.

The coat below is from 1989.  Talk about vintage?  Yes … a 23 year old coat!  My gawd, I think that’s the average age of half the bloggers I’m subscribed to .. LoL.  I purchased this cape coat years ago when I was heading out to office parties and needed a dressy coat.  I’ve kept it all these years, covered in a garment bag and buried at the back of a closet.  The coat is good as new; however, the style is quite bulky.  The coat has huge shoulder pads and large square pockets on both sides. There are no buttons or hooks to keep the coat closed.  I suppose you could add a belt, but the material is so thick that it would probably look ridiculous.

Over the Christmas and New Year break, I was in Palm Desert, CA and although the day time temperature is between 65 – 70 degrees, the evening temperature drops to about 45 degrees.  So it was quite cold when I wore this coat out to dinner.  I was certainly warm, but overall, I felt fat, frumpy, and totally out of style.

Circa 1989 cape coat
Circa 1989 coat

So that prompted me to look for a new coat and I found, with great delight, all kinds of coats on sale at Macy’s.  I was attracted to the Guess pea coat due to the color blocking of the black and gray panels on the coat.  I thought this would be fairly slimming for a pear shaped gal.  The pea coat style with decorative buttons looks classic and updated.  The faux fur on the collar is cozy and softens the shoulders.  The lining of the coat is polyester in a black & white snake like pattern.

Guess winter pea coat
Updated and slimming

The Guess winter coat was originally $245.00, marked down to $147.00 and I received an additional percentage off for using my Macy’s card and paid $90.00.  It was a good deal.

So what is the fate of the vintage cape coat?  Is it back to the garment bag?  Returned to the back of the closet?  No, I think this coat deserves another purpose in life.  I’m going to donate the cape coat to my local American Cancer Society Discovery Shop.  I’m sure someone will find this coat amazing and stylish. Plus, the funds will go to a good cause so in the end, it’s a win, win situation.

Do you have something vintage hiding in your closets?  
What is it?

37 thoughts on “GUESS Winter Coat

  1. Maria C

    Your new coat looks great! and your ‘vintage’ one looks so so new!
    I have some “vintage2 piece on my wardrobe aswell, the oldest one is a pair of jeans from 1995 lol, the good things is that I still can’t wear them :)

  2. Bohemian Chick

    I love the peacoat! I’ve been wanting one for a few years but didn’t NEED one so I’ve put off buying one. It looks great on you. Your story made me miss SoCal (again). It’s been in the single digits at night here and highs only in the low 30’s. And windy. I’m considering a puffer coat just for the warmth. At a certain point you don’t care what you look like!

    1. Monica P

      Hi Donna,

      Well now I feel like a wuss for complaining about 45 degree weather .. lol. I’m just a thin blooded Californian .. I’d probably get hypothermia if I had to endure single digit temperature 😉


    1. GJ S

      Love when that happens! Of course, I’ve also had those moments where I look at a photo and think “What was I thinking wearing that??!” haha


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