Bobbi Brown Coffee to Cocktails Collection & Desert Twilight Brush Set

A gift from

The above package is the gift that I received from Tosca Reno’s “Day 10 of Giving: Give Beauty – Bobbi Brown give away.  I have been following Tosca’s fitness journey since she appeared on the cover of Oxygen Magazine.  I thought here is a lady that’s older than me, but she’s doing it right.  She’s on the health and fitness track that I’d like to follow.  And for the most part, I do follow a healthy eating and exercise plan, but I lost my way and I’ve been on a pig-fest since October. 

Anyway, I’ve purchased my motivation fitness clothes and last night my husband and I went out to dinner and I ordered the Field green salad (herb sherry vinaigrette, bleu cheese, apples, candied hazelnuts) with grilled chicken.  I didn’t order the restaurants wonderful warm caramel bread pudding with vanilla ice cream for dessert (see, I’m getting back on track).

Now on to this lovely gift:

Trying to take photo’s and someone was nosy

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Mini Brush set
and Pretty Powerful Coffee to Cocktails Collection

 the set also includes mascara

My first impression was that this is a really pretty neutral set, but Mercury is to sparkly, the Steel is to dull, and the lipstick is way to brown for my lip color.  But hey, why not give it a try?  So, I applied all the products and this is an amazing set.  All the colors work so well together.  All I added was a cream highlight to my brow bone and a peach blush. I looked pretty darn pulled together and very natural, with color to my face, but not overdone.  This is what Bobbi Brown makeup does best – brings out the natural beauty of women.

My many thanks to Tosca Reno, her staff, and Oxygen magazine for putting out the best health and nutrition magazine – ever.


14 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Coffee to Cocktails Collection & Desert Twilight Brush Set

  1. Katie Chamel

    Can’t say you’re the only one whose gotten a bit off track with weight loss! I definitely have since the holidays started up, ugggh ;(

    but this set looks amazing! i always think Bobbi Brown’s sets look fantastic but they’re always so pricy! awesome that this was a giveaway!

    1. Monica P

      Hi Katie,

      I was so surprised to win (I never win anything!). I agree Bobbi Brown make up is quite expensive and I often over look the brand. I do purchase her lipsticks, but haven’t purchased the makeup (with the exception of one blush).



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