A few cosmetics by Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of those brands that I’ve avoided – forever.  For some reason, the brand makes me think of old ladies and pink Cadillac’s.   I don’t know what first attracted me to the brand, but I remember looking for a small compact that was customizable.  I found the compact mini, a small palette that you can customize with 6 small eye shadows or three eye shadows and one blush.  I bought the compact and I guess from then on, I was a Mary Kay fan.

While flipping through a magazine, I came across an ad for the Mary Kay NouriShine Plus lip gloss.  I’ve wanted to try these so ordered two:  Berry Tart and Red Passion.  So far, I like the glosses.  The Red Passion has chunky copper glitter, so although it looks nice, you know when it wears off, you’ll be left with glitter chunks on your lips.  Berry Tart is a very nice, wearable light purple.  The Rock-n-Red sample that was included is awesome.  It’s almost like a liquid, red lipstick.  I may order this in a full size.

I also purchased the Passion Fruit perfume and body lotion.  I’ve gone through two of the passion fruit body washes and thought it was time to add the perfume and lotion to layer the scent.  The passion fruit and hibiscus notes remind me of tropical winds and warm beaches.

My Mary Kay rep also added the gold beauty case, the Rock-n-Red lip gloss and Dance to Life perfume sample. 

If you’re interested in Mary Kay products, I can recommend Lisa Lewis at www.marykay.com/lgoodman-lewis  I’ve never met her as she is in another state, but she has always been most pleasant and helpful.  My products always arrive quickly and are packaged well.

If you use Mary Kay cosmetic, what are your favorite products?

26 thoughts on “A few cosmetics by Mary Kay

  1. Wendy

    I love love love Mary Kay – my daughter is now selling it, so when she came home to visit, I asked her to bring me the TimeWise VoluLift Range … heaven, just a little bit of heaven.

    1. Monica P

      Hi Wendy,

      I have some samples of the TimeWise line that I haven’t tried out yet. Will have to get to it. I’ve been wearing the NouriShine Plus lip glosses and really like them. Oh, I know I’m going to order more .. lol


  2. Katie Chamel

    I was a Mary Kay consultant for a while in early 2012, I got my mom into it and now she’s still a consultant! I love the products and they definitely have changed things up a lot! It isn’t your grandmas makeup anymore! ;p

    I love the skin care! I use all of the Timewise products and have never been happier with my skin! I love the customizable compacts! I’ve been meaning to show mine on my blog for forever!



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    1. GJ S

      So true! I’m with Jane Iredale now (just because they have more mineral-based makeup) but before that I was with arbonne. Crazy how often we change!

    2. Monica P

      I tried a few make up items from Jan Iredale from an online order and the colors weren’t good for me. I do have one of her powder make up brushes and it’s so luxurious .. very soft goat hair brush with natural wood handle. It was worth the $30 dollars.


    1. Monica P

      Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I have my eye on the red as well :-) Will probably purchase when I have a few other things to pick up as well.


    1. Monica P

      I think MK’s marketing has come a long way, but still .. that pink Cadillac remains cemented in my mind.

      I did really love your look today .. everything layered with the camo pants just looks perfect.


  4. Maria C

    I have the Rock n Red Gloss and I love it!. The good point of glosses is that they give you colour but without the full coverager of a normal lipstick. I have also a couple of eye shadow brushes and they’re great. I have to be careful with which brushes I use on my eyelids since my skin is very sensitive there, and Mary Kay’s ones are fantastic :)



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