Ugly Christmas Sweater

So here I am.  All dressed up in my ugly Christmas sweater.  No, I didn’t wear the sweater out in public, I just keep it for the novelty of having a unique, what was I thinking, piece of bad fashion history.

Oh, yes .. it’s a hoodie! And do note the snow ball pull on the zipper!

Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater?


10 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. Lizelle

    LOL i have what i used to think was ugly but now that I’ve grown some I’m looking and searching for a chance to wear it cause i feel so silly Christmas themed lol

    Love that it’s a hoodie!

    1. Monica P

      Hi Lizelle,

      I think this sweater is probably better than others. I like that it’s a more blue themed Christmas sweater instead of the red, green, gold ones. I’ll keep it. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back in style 😉


    1. Monica P

      Well, I’m embarrassed to say that I bought the sweater – many years ago. I have it tucked away under a bed in a plastic bin and pulled it out now that I have a blog.



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