Saucony Grid Ignition 3 Athletic Shoes

I bought myself a few gifts.  Gifts to help promote health and fitness.  You see, I’ve gained .. 10 lbs!  Yikes!  I’d love to say, oh, how did that happen?  I’m so good about nutrition.  I exercised! 

The truth is:

I eat well, but feel that I need all these ‘treats’ because I ate well.
I do a bit of yoga in the evening, but haven’t lifted weights in months.
I was doing the couch to 5k app, but found excuse after excuse not to run once it got hard.

So there you go.  All the above equals a 10 lb. weight gain.

To get back my enthusiasm for fitness, I decided to get a few new workout items.  I was in need of new athletic shoes so found these gray, green, purple Saucony sneakers at DSW.  I can always tell when I need new athletic shoes because once you wear the new pair and then try on the old pair, the old pair seem really flat and not springy like the new pair.

Saucony, t-shirt, exercise pants

I also picked up a colorful t-shirt at Kohl’s and to my surprise, picked up a great fitting pair of exercise pants at Costco, of all places.  The boot cut pants come in three sizes (small, medium, large) AND three lengths (short, medium, tall).  I purchased size large, short length and they are perfect – ready to go no need to hem ( yes, I even hem my exercise pants ).  Now I’m ready to get motivated and back to working out.

How do you motivate yourself
to restart a fitness routine?

13 thoughts on “Saucony Grid Ignition 3 Athletic Shoes

  1. Wanderlust And Such

    For me, starting a fitness routine after starts with the hard realization that I’ve gotten VERY out of a fitness routine…this usually comes via a depressing stare in the mirror or a losing battle with a tight pair of pants. Or an unflattering photo. Anyway, staying healthy IS all about staying in a routine, after all. It’s just the starting that is the hardest. You can do it! Buying new workout clothes definitely helps.


  2. GJ S

    You go! I think buying new exercise clothes is a great motivator. My husband and I have been trying to restart Insanity but for some reason that first day (or so) is the hardest so I totally can relate! But it seems like once you get started, it’s much easier to keep going!

  3. Bohemian Chick

    I’ve belonged to a gym since 1998 but I go through periods where it’s hard to get myself there. The winter is especially hard because who wants to go out when it’s really cold and/or snowy? But I do enjoy the gym once I get there. Music motivates me A LOT. So when I’m feeling unmotivated I try to think of how I feel when I’m there, listening to my iPod, and how good I feel knowing I did go.
    I need to go more often, though. Here’s to more exercise for all of us!

    1. Monica P

      Same here .. once I’ve completed a work out .. I’m sure glad I did it. Music also motivates me .. I like dance music for cardio and rock for weights .. :-)


  4. Alice Warren

    I just purchased a nice jacket from Costco that has the same thumb hole & turns into a mitt like the Lululemon for a fraction of the price. I am a workout freak (5-6 days a week) and normally am extremely careful of what I eat. Who do you that runs 40+ miles a week and still gains weight – me! I am really upset at myself for letting go of my eating habits (since Thanksgiving) and will need to start reigning in my habits ASAP :)

    1. Monica P

      Oh, I know .. I’ve been on a down swing since October (Halloween candy!)

      It’s amazing the stuff that Costco has. I didn’t see the jackets or would have bought one .. I guess each Costco has different stuff.


  5. Lisa

    I’m in the same situation. But I have just rejoined the gym and will be getting off my couch (or from in front of my computer) and getting fit again!

    1. Monica P

      Yes, that is one of my excuses as well .. sitting in front of the computer. Now that I have my blog running .. I think I can get back to working out :-)

      Thanks for stopping by .. I’m following your blog. Love your thrift finds post :-)


  6. Bella Q

    Ah, I NEED to motivate myself! I don’t have an exercise regimen and my middle is ever growing! I have a pair of Sauconys and plan to walk twice a day for at least 30 minutes each, and start doing some exercise for trimming my middle. good luck to each of us!


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