Maroon Nail Polish

maroon nail polish

Elf Limited Edition Nail Polish

My office holiday party is Thursday evening.  We are attending a wine tasting at a Wine & Culinary Center.  It’s a casual event, employees only .. but I thought I’d at least do my nails.

I purchased the Elf Limited Edition nail polish in maroon a few months ago at Target.  Although the polish looks red in the picture, the color is a beautiful, shiny maroon / wine.  It’s opaque with one coat, but I applied two in case I missed a spot.  I also applied Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat and I’m good to go.

After working a full day, we’ll all head to the event at 4:00 pm and the evening will end at 8:00 pm.  Since this is a long day, I think I’ll keep my outfit casual.  Maybe pants, top, sweater?  We’ll see.

Anyway, the company I work for gives away really awesome raffle prizes – I hope I win something this year.

How was your office holiday party this year?


13 thoughts on “Maroon Nail Polish

  1. Katie Chamel

    ELF continues to amaze me! I’m always unsure of how something will work if it’s only $1-5, but they always keep me impressed! Love the color of this nail polish!

    Just subscribed to your blog! Cant wait to read more posts!


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