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This weekend I decided it was time to get a new hand bag.  My current hand bag is by Nine West and I noticed that the corners are wearing and the metal zipper pull on the right side is stretched.  The zipper always gets caught on the lining and I’m always yanking on it.

I purchased the Nine West bag at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) a few yeas ago.  I thought the bag looked “oh, so fashionable” stuffed with paper sitting on the display table.  However, I soon found out that because the bag has no interior structure, all my items settle in the bottom of the bag, which made the bag hang from my shoulder like one sad sack.

Old, non-leather Nine West hand bag

Normally when I’m on the hunt for a new hand bag, I head straight for Coach, then realize there’s no value in paying $298 for a cloth bag and then I head to Macy’s.  However, after reading FashionEdible’s post on This Is Why I shop at TJ Maxx & Marshalls, I decided to stop at TJ Maxx and take a look at their hand bag selection before heading to the mall.

There were some great options at my local TJ Maxx.  Some hand bags were over $100, but I spotted this lovely gray leather Tignanello hand bag that said “try me out.”  I put the gray hand bag on my shoulder and walked around the store to give it a test drive.  I really liked the bag and liked the price even better – $59.99. SOLD!

So let me introduce you to my new Tignanello Drawstring Shopper in a light gray leather.

Front of bag with two side pockets to hold phone and sunglasses
The interior lining is a colorful array of pink, purple, brown, red, and gold  geometric shapes.
There are two main compartments separated by a zippered compartment in the center.

I priced this bag at Macy’s and the retail value is $169.00.  This particular bag is on sale for $124.99 (20% off as of Dec 2012).  I got such a great bargain at TJ Maxx!

Now I need to add all my junk, er .. stuff, totally important items to my new bag.


1. Coach wallet, 2. Coupon book, 3. Card holder (Target), 4. Gum, 5. Eye drops, 6. Chanel lipstick in Poise, 7. Neutrogena Shine Control powder, 8. Extra house key on a cocker spaniel key chain + quick light, 9.  Change at the bottom of my bag (no wonder my bag is so heavy), 10. Loreal HIP Jelly Balm, 11. Blackberry, 12. Tissues, 13. Boscia blotting papers (love these), 14. Reading glasses (+1.00 at Chicos), 15. Polka Dot Pen

Did you make any awesome purchases recently?  
Please share!

13 thoughts on “Leather shoulder bag

  1. Bohemian Chick

    I also love TJ Maxx and Marshalls, along with Loehmann’s. I used to get my hand bags at Macy’s, too, until I saw an identical bag at Marshall’s that was half the price. I’m particular about my bags, too – I must have compartments inside, and pockets on the outside. I’ve tried throwing everything into one big bag and I can’t stand it. I could never find what I needed easily enough.
    Your hand bag is beautiful, and so practical with the pockets, etc. Great buy!

    1. Monica P

      Now that I’ve carried the bag around for a few days, I’ve noticed that my shoulder isn’t pinching .. the contents are evenly distributed through the bag and not in one pile on the bottom. Not sure what I was thinking when I bought the Nine West bag .. !


  2. .......

    TJ maxx is my favorite store. I find such great fashion pieces there as well as designer purses for super inexpensive and even beauty items, perfumes. that place totally rocks! the contents of your purse are so neat and organized. I cringe from the thought of sharing mine as it’s such a wreckage. haha! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  3. Alice Warren

    Pretty purse Monica. I never go to T J Maxx or Marshalls because I am normally so overwhelmed by their selection. They do have some great selection if you know the system you can probably score some great deals! I just purchased a new Tory Burch purse which I am not it’s considered a deal. They had 20% off and they also offered me a $100 gift card for Christmas so I did get it less than retail :)



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