Ice Blue Nails

In southern California, the average winter temperature is about 65F/18C degrees.  Our winter weather may include some wind and maybe some rain (if we’re lucky).  It’s a bit difficult to get into the holiday spirit, so I decided to create ice blue nails.  It’s quite easy to do with any sky blue nail polish and some sparkly silver nail polish.

The two nail polishes that I used are Essie, Coat Azure and OPI, Crown Me Already.  Essie is one of those hit and miss brands for me.  I find most of their cream nail polishes streaky, but the Coat Azure applies beautifully.  Coat Azure is not a cream blue as it has a slight pearl essence in the polish.  OPI’s Crown Me Already has crushed silver and round bits of silver in the polish.  It looks icy and is beautifully reflective, just like icicles.

All you need to do is paint two coats of Coat Azure over your nails and add the Crown Me Already to the left side of your nail on your left hand, making a little curve at the end near your cuticle.  On your right hand make the curve on the right side of your nail.

Here are my pretty nails.

I am loving glitter nail polishes lately.  How about you?


10 thoughts on “Ice Blue Nails

    1. Monica P

      “English frostbitten look” .. ROFL .. now that was funny, but I guess you’re right ! I suppose this shade of blue doesn’t look good in the winter, but I bet a navy blue would look amazing!



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