Cozy and casual velveteen jacket

This is the time of year  when velvet jackets dress up any holiday attire.  Since I live in southern California, gatherings and parties in my group of friends is fairly casual.  So when I went looking for a casual velvet blazer, I found one at Sundance catalog. The best friend velveteen jacket is a versatile jacket suitable for day or a casual evening out. 

Velvet? Velveteen?  What is the difference?  Well, according to the description on Sundance “velveteen is an all-cotton fabric with a short, close filling pile cut to resemble velvet”. Traditional velvet is made with a cotton or linen back and a silk pile.  Velvet can also be made from rayon and acetate which are synthetic, silk like materials.

I love this velveteen jacket.  Dress it up, dress it down, this jacket fits any occasion.

Jacket is velvety soft and unlined on the inside.  The cuffs can be rolled to reveal a matching floral print.
Back tie detail in a simple cotton cord
We live near the airport in San Diego and I was looking at this cool vapor trail

Calling Taylor (the dog), but he was playing hard to get.

Other items:
Target:  Mossimo rounded v-neck t-shirt
Costco: Lucky Brand jean, Sofia Boot cut (Good fit for the pear shaped gal! )
Bloomingdales:  Silver, chunky necklace
Unknown: bracelet
Payless Shoesource:  Boots (I actually bought these for a vampire costume)
Sunglass Hut:  Sunglasses by RayBan (Mine are in black which they no longer carry)


14 thoughts on “Cozy and casual velveteen jacket

  1. Bella Q

    That jacket is pure love! I love the weight and texture, cut and color! I imagine you’ll be wear it a lot. I’m not a boot cut gal- I don’t like wide legs but you are rocking yours!

    1. Monica P

      Hi Bella!

      I wear a boot cut just to balance out my extra wide hips .. lol

      I did find a pair of skinny leg Levi’s that fit awesome ..

      Thanks for stopping by :-)


    1. Monica P

      Yes! I did indeed find Lucky Brand jeans at Costco. I can’t say that they carry Lucky Brand all the time .. you know they pile whatever stock they have on those large tables and when it’s gone, it’s gone.


  2. NewLife

    This is such a pretty colour and would be nice paired with lots of different things. I LOVE velvet (and it’s relatives :-)) in winter – even if it’s a southern California winter! Mind you, the times that I visited California in January it felt like summertime to me and I was in shorts on the beach. I guess the locals thought I was insane!


    1. Monica P

      Originally, I was going for a more formal jacket, but once I got this .. I was so pleased with the casual lines.

      Ah, yes .. we know people in shorts on the beach are visitors .. much like Europeans can spot American visitors because we wear white tennis shoes in the fall.



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