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I recently stopped by Bath and Body Works to look at their Holiday Traditions Collection.  After sampling a few scents, I decided that the Winter Candy Apple scent was good, the Pink Sugarplum was too sweet, and the Vanilla Bean scent was yummy. 

The scent that caught my attention was the Twisted Peppermint. What a crisp, clean, refreshing scent.  Peppermint is a powerful and invigorating scent that stimulates your brain and wakes you up – a perfect fragrance for a morning shower.  I purchased the shower gel, the body lotion, and the fragrance mist. 

Since I purchased three of their signature scents, I got to select three more – for free!

There are so many fragrance profiles to choose from at Bath and Body Works.  I finally decided on the Japanese Cherry Blossom which smells slightly spicy and floral at the same time.  I’m hardly an expert on fragrance notes, so the web site listed the top notes as asian pear, fuji apple and ume plum.  The mid notes are Japanese cherry blossom, butterfly lily, kyoto rose, and mimosa petals.  The Japanese Cherry Blossom packaging is so pretty with the pink flowers against a red background that you’ll want to display the bottle on your dresser instead of tucking them away in the bathroom cabinet.

I also pick up a few Signature Collection Reindeer Body Lotion Pop-Up Cards ($6.00 ea.) for gifts.  These boxed gifts are really cute and a nice way to say Merry Christmas to a friend or co-worker.

What is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent?

8 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works

  1. Kenya Hunter

    I completely LOVE Bath and Body works!! I have so many scents that I love but I think my absolute favorite is Paris Amour! It is SO delightful. I’m curious now about the Winter Candy Apple though. Cool post!

    Thanks too for stopping by the blog!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  2. .......

    all of these scents sound so yummy cant wait to head back there and smell them all. looove bath and body works. my fav scent is twilight woods. xx. gigi.


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