Skinny jeans for a pear shape

This weekend I was determined to find skinny jeans or leggings instead of my normal boot cut jeans uniform.  Jeans that are marketed to the “slim through hip and thigh” club are normally not available for the curvy gal.

So why do the gals that are slim through hip and thigh get all the good clothing options? Well, I’m not having it, so I headed to Nordstrom.  I went straight to the Not Your Daughters Jeans and pulled all the jeans in size 8 that had a slim leg.  I found three pairs that I thought would (hopefully) fit and off to the dressing room I went.  I was surprised to find that these jeans fit really well.  I found skinny jeans for the pear shaped gal jack pot!

Now, I know that NYDJ are rather expensive, but I did start my search at discount stores such as Kolh’s, then Macy’s and found nothing.  NYDJ are constructed to really pull in those trouble spots, especially in the hip and thigh area.  Sadly, I don’t have those nice long and lean legs, but you can see from the photo below, that NYDJ makes me look like I do.

The floral peasant top that I’m wearing is from Kohls.  This particular top is no longer available, but the Jennifer Lopez line has a bright pink and purple peasant top that would look great with these dark gray skinnies.

Peasant top, Vera Wang, Kohls

Peasant top, Vera Wang, Kohls

I purchased three pairs of NYDJ skinny jeans so more outfits to come featuring these fabulously fitting skinny jeans!


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Inspired by Camo

The outfit that I pulled together was inspired by the Camo Chic ad below that I saw on the Charming Charlie web site.  I love how this military inspired look was made softer by the rust brown booties and large silver jewelry pieces.

Photo credit:  Charming Charlie

Photo credit: Charming Charlie

When I finally decided that I wanted this look, the jacket was sold out.  So I went looking around and found a military style jacket from Eddie Bauer.  The Voyager II Travel Jacket in dark loden is a more functional jacket than the stylish jacket from Charming Charlie.  The travel jacket is also a better made jacket that will be in my closet for many years.

The Voyager jacket is a travel friendly, pack-able jacket, with 2 way stretch material and is water resistant.  It looks like a regular outdoor jacket, but has interior passport and document pockets, plus a back vent which makes the jacket look more like a suit jacket.

Picture from Eddie Bauer

Photo credit: Eddie Bauer | Voyager II Travel Jacket in dark loden

I’ve included the picture above from the Eddie Bauer site because in my photo’s the sun washes out the dark green color of the jacket.

Voyager II Jacket, Levis 512 Skinny, Dirty Laundry Shoes

Voyager II Jacket, Levis 512 Skinny jeans, Dirty Laundry Shoes

The jeans that I’m wearing are the only jeans that I’ve found that are “skinny” leg jeans that fit a pear shaped gal.  These are the Levis 512 Perfectly Slimming Skinny jeans that I purchased from Kohl’s.

My shoes are also a new purchase from, these are called Dirty Laundry DI Willow in rich brown. The shoes are easy to wear and walk in because the slight platform in the foot bed makes the 3.5″ heel height comfortable.  Plus, I really like the gold zipper detail down the front of the shoes.

Dirty Laundry DI Willow Shoes in Rich Brown

Dirty Laundry DI Willow Shoes in Rich Brown

When putting this look together, I did go to Charming Charlie to look at all the accessories and was disappointed.  I found the pieces quite cheap looking (the purse was really awful).  So even though my look isn’t quite as stylized as the Charming Charlie look, my goal was to take inspiration from the look rather than copy it piece by piece.


Modern Outlander Style Clothing

As a huge fan of the Outlander book series, I was thrilled that the first book called Outlander is now a TV series on Starz.  Not only is the story line and acting wonderful, the costume design is amazing.  Now I have no desire to dress like a 17th century woman, so I’ll have to settle for these modern pieces.

Modern Outlander


MANGO red dress
$56 –

Fat Face hooded sweatshirt
$93 –

Tommy Hilfiger white sweater
$185 –

Tory Burch jacket

Navy cape
$56 –

ONLY black jeans
$48 –

Topshop mini skirt

Lace up boots

Dsquared2 scarve
$125 –

Merona Plaid Blazer


Merona Plaid Blazer in Xavier Navy | Target

When I saw the Merona Plaid Blazer at Target, I knew I had to have it.  I almost passed it by as my experience with Target blazers and jackets is that they are always cut too small for me. However, this size 10 blazer fits me perfectly.

My eyes have recently locked on plaid and tartan after getting hooked on the Outlander series on the Starz network.  I’ve read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon for years so when I heard that they were making the books into a mini series I was thrilled.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the storing line:

“Outlander follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened.  When she is forced to marry Jamie, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate affair is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.”

Basically, if you like really cute, rugged, men in kilts – this is the series for you ;-)  Also, the first thing that I noticed about the series are the amazing costumes.  If you’re into this type of period clothing, check out the costume designer’s web site: Terry Dresbach | An 18th Century Life.

Anyway, back to the blazer … I decided to keep it casual and added a peach, short sleeved blouse that was in my closet from New York & Co.


Peach blouse | NY & Co (old)

The jeans are an old comfortable pair from the INC line at Macy’s and my shoes are those cute Crown Vintage Cheryl pumps.


Merona Plaid Blazer in Xavier Navy | Target


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Splurge vs Save: Facial Cleansing Oil

I can’t recall when I first started using Dermalogica Pre Cleanse facial cleansing oil, but I’ve used it for years. When I first discovered PreCleanse, I could only purchase this product at approved retailers, mostly hair salons with spas.  Then Dermalogica was popping up on web sites that I ordered from like and finally, Ulta opened in my neighborhood and there is a whole section dedicated to the Dermalogica brand (Yeah!).


Dermalogica PreCleanse vs. Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil

While I love how PreCleanse removes all my makeup (even waterproof mascara), I was getting tired of shelling out $38.00 for 5.1 fl oz.  So I went looking for a cheaper alternative and found Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil for $25.00 / 5 fl oz and it works the same as the PreCleanse, but .. $25.00? Ugh.

Recently, I noticed that Garnier came out with Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil.  This product retails for $7.99 / 4.2 fl oz and is easily found at CVS, Walgreens, Target and Ulta.  The Garnier cleansing oil works the same as PreCleanes and removes a days worth of makeup, including waterproof mascara.  However, there are two issues that I’ve found with the Garnier product:

1. The oil doesn’t seem as smooth as the PreCleanse, although it cleanses the same.
2. The pump leaks so you’ll notice the oil dripping down the side of the bottle.

Other than those two issues, I’m happy to report that I’m on my third bottle of the Garnier cleansing oil.  Sure, I’ll still splurge and buy the Dermalogica PreCleanse now and then (it truly is my fav), but it’s nice to know that there is a less expensive option on the market.

One additional item to note about cleansing oils is that I use the oil to remove my makeup and then I use another cleanser such as Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash or Garnier Clean + Purifying Foam Cleanser for Combination Skin to cleanse the oil off my skin.  Since my skin is oily / acne prone, I need to remove the oil from my face.  Hmm, sounds like a lot of work?  Well, it’s just what works for me.

What do you use to remove your makeup?  Oil? Cleansing Cloths? Something else?


Fall footwear: Sandals to Cage Booties

It’s still plenty warm here in southern California and I’m ready to put my sandals away, but not quite ready to haul out my boots.  My solution is a recent purchase from the clearance section at DSW – a pair of cage booties.  These cute booties are from Nine West and have a leather upper with a zipper at the heel.  These booties are surprisingly comfortable and the perforations will keep my feet cool while we enjoy our second summer in San Diego.


Nine West Cage Booties (similar)

The tunic style blouse I’m wearing is from the Merona line at Target.  I found this print really attractive with the navy background and multi-color roses.  I’ve seen this material used for all kinds of garments from Target such as skirts, dresses and this short sleeved version.


Crepe long sleeve blouse | Target

The belt I’m wearing is rather fun.  It’s the  Calvin Klein Metallic Piping Reversible Belt (silver on one side, black with silver piping on the other).  I also have the same CK belt which is a solid bright pink on one side and gray with pink piping on the other.

Calvin Klein Metallic Piping Reversible Belt

Calvin Klein Metallic Piping Reversible Belt | Necklace by

The jeans that I’m wearing are from Style & Co. Jeans, Curvy-Fit Cuffed Ex-Boyfriend.  Although Style & Co is not a favorite line of mine from Macy’s, these jeans are worth the purchase.  The material is made from a cotton/polyester/spandex which gives the jeans a nice give and stretch. So although the jeans are fitted, I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage.  The fit is comfortable and moves with me from standing to sitting.

Style & Co. Jeans, Curvy-Fit Cuffed Ex-Boyfriend

Style & Co. Jeans, Curvy-Fit Cuffed Ex-Boyfriend

The photo above is a bit over exposed due to direct sunlight.  I am still working on those remote control selfies, which I like to think I’m getting better at ;-)


Bloglovin Update


Greetings all,

A super nice subscriber to my blog alerted me that my Bloglovin link was not working.  It appears to have stopped when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress ( a move I wouldn’t recommend ).  It appears that my url wasn’t updated and therefore, new content was not added to the Bloglovin feed.

That means in order to continue to receive blog post feeds from A Pear Shaped Gal, you’ll need to click on the updated Bloglovin button and re-subscribe.  My apologies for the oversight and again, special thanks to Becky for bringing the error to my attention.


Add A Taste Of Fall To Your Coffee

I love the fall season with its spicy aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice in the air.  That’s why I picked up Starbucks Fall Blend coffee.  However, when I brewed the coffee, there was no spicy aroma in the air or in the coffee.  How disappointing!

No worries though, I just added a bit of cinnamon to the coffee grounds before brewing which gave the coffee that warm seasonal taste that I was looking for.


Cuisinart, Starbucks, Cinnamon

I made a single serving so you’ll need:

1/8th teaspoon of cinnamon per 2.5 tablespoons of coffee.
1.5 cups water

These measurements can certainly be adjusted, I like medium tasting coffee (not too weak, not to strong).


1/8th tsp, per 2.5 tablespoons of coffee

Cinnamon is a beneficial spice to add to your diet.  This warm spice helps to lower inflammation and it’s also a powerful antioxidant.  Add cinnamon to your smoothies and oatmeal.


Sweeten with Teavana rock sugar

When I get up in the morning, my preference is plain black coffee, but on the weekend I’ll add a bit of Teavana rock sugar.

How do you like your coffee?




Calvin Klein Performance Cropped Roll-Tab Capris

When I saw the Calvin Klein Performance Cropped Roll-Tab Capris in Macy’s – I laughed. No way was I going to buy a pair of “pull-on” pants. What am I two years old?  Well, curiosity got the better of me and I tried them on and actually found these pants super comfortable.  Although the pants are called “performance” they won’t get you through an exercise routine as they are just a bit too loose with no stretch in the material.  These pants are perfect for running around on the weekend and going for a walk after eating a big lunch.

The only issue that I noticed while wearing the pants is that an additional draw string on the inside of the waist would have been nice.  I had to give these pants a tug every once in a while as I was running my errands today.

Also, the size of the pants is listed as small, medium and large.  I am a size 8/10 in pants and I purchased a size medium. These capri pants are good for the pear shaped gal as they are quite roomy in the hips, butt, and thigh area.


Rolled waist – front


Rolled waist – back.

The top I’m wearing is the Ideology Short Sleeve Graphic Print T-shirt also from Macy’s. This shirt is a cotton / spandex blend which gives it a bit of stretch.  I love the metallic look of the graphic swoosh.

Ideology Short-Sleeve Graphic-Print Tee

Ideology Short-Sleeve Graphic-Print Tee


Additional items:  Tarte lipstick in Playful,  Tennis shoes: Saucony Echelons 2 (similar)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


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