Bulu Box 2

Bulu Box 2

Bulu Box 2

Straight up my second Bulu box was rather a dud.  There wasn’t really anything in the box that I liked, would use, or recommend.

1. KPax Energy Vitamins:  These are regular vitamins with caffeine added.  I don’t see the point in adding caffeine to vitamins.

2. VanaPain PM:  This product is supposed to give you pain relief along with a fast acting sleep aid in one easy liquid shot form.  Ugh, this tasted terrible and it’s just so much easier to take a Tylenol or Advil PM.

3. Rootology Breath Free: This is an herbal product to help allergy sufferers.  The product contains cinnamon twig to relieve congestion and xanthium fruit and angelica root to help relieve itching and headaches.  Luckily, I don’t suffer from season allergies, so not sure how this product works.

4. NuviaTrim Coffee:  This is an instant powdered coffee that contains green coffee bean and fat burning thermogenic raspberry ketone.  Most of the studies conducted with raspberry ketones are on rats, which doesn’t always translate well to the human population. Admittedly, I fell for the “take raspberry ketones supplements to burn fat” and I never lost an inch.  The only weight loss supplement that works for me is the Garcinia cambogia (as an appetite suppressant, not a fat burning supplement).

5. Body Glove Surge:  This product claims to give you a burst of energy and yes, it probably does as it’s mostly made of sugar and 150 mg of caffeine.  You could eat a Hershey bar (which probably tastes better) and get the same results.

6. Havvn Go Nutrition:  A powdered drink that you mix with 14-16 oz of water.  I didn’t try this product after reading reviews that said the powder doesn’t mix well and a few people complained of a stomach ache after drinking.  Think I’ll pass on this.

In other news, I wrote an email to Bulu Box regarding an expired item in my first Bulu Box. The Power Crunch Protein Powder had a best by date of November 2013.  Since the protein powder sample was almost 5 months old I didn’t want to take a chance and use the product.

Power Crunch Vanilla Cafe

Power Crunch Vanilla Cafe

Power Crunch expired

Power Crunch expired

The folks at Bulu Box were quite lovely.  They apologized, gave me an extra month Bulu Box sample and a full size container of the Power Crunch whey protein powder ($49.99 value).  I had to pay for the shipping of the protein powder which was only $2.99 so it was a very nice offer from Bulu Box.

So while my box this month wasn’t useful, if you’re thinking of trying this subscription service I’d recommend them.  I can’t remember the last time I had such awesome customer service.


White pants for Easter

The spouse and I are spending Easter in the desert where it is hot, hot, hot.  So I didn’t waste any time pulling out a cool pair of white pants to wear to dinner.

The white pants are from the JM Collection at Macy’s.  These particular pants are perfect for the pear shaped gal because they have a no gap waist band.  I don’t believe these pants are still available in the JM line; however, they do have a tummy control version and pants that fit the curvy shaped gal.


JM Collection Pants from Macy’s

I also thought I’d throw in a tip for wearing white pants.  These pants aren’t super thick so it’s best to wear beige underwear.  I’m rather surprised at the number of women who continually wear white underwear under white pants.  You know we can see your undies, don’t you? And if the underwear has lace or is a thong – the whole world can see that too.



Merona orange tank, Target

The chain necklace and leopard sweater are from H&M which I chatted about in a post called H&M Online Shopping and an Instagram haul photo.  The necklace has a really good weight to it.  It’s quite heavy, but comfortable to wear.  The sweater fits perfectly and I love the dark leopard print.


Leopard Sweater, H&M


Comfort Plus cork sandals, Payless Shoes

I’ve had these sandals for over a year and finally wore them with this outfit.  Payless Shoes Comfort Plus line is a good place to look for comfortable shoes on a budget.  Most of the shoes are made out of man made materials; however, the soles are often made with memory foam that provides comfortable support.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter … next stop .. summer!


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C Wonder Driving Moccasins

This weekend I went to C Wonder in search of colorful clothing for spring and true to my nature I didn’t find a thing that I liked.  However, I did spot these silver driving moccasins and decided to try them on.

Driving Moccasins by C Wonder

Silver Driving Moccasins by C Wonder

The metallic pebbled leather driving moccasins have a cushioned insert with memory foam technology.  The nub sole gives a soft landing for your foot with each step you take.

Nub comfort sole

Nub comfort sole

On the C Wonder site, the one and only review said that these shoes fell apart in one month and for $98, I won’t be too happy if that happens to me.  However, I wear a different pair of shoes every day, so I think having the driving mocs in my shoe rotation will hopefully give the shoes longer life.   And who knows, perhaps the review got a bad pair.

C Wonder Driving Mocs

All day comfort

Now that I’ve fallen in love with these shoes (wore them all day in blissful comfort), I am definitely looking for another pair.



Silks, Instagram, and spam from hell

Let’s start with the silks.  I went to aerial silk class on Saturday and I mostly worked on climbing and learning how to tie the silks around my feet for stability.  It’s the best work out I’ve ever had and I am again – so sore.  I’m not as sore as the first class, but sore enough that everything is an effort.

Silks at Aerial Revolution

Silks at Aerial Revolution

I’m finally on instagram.  I’ve been on instagram for a few months, but I couldn’t remember how to add the social media button to my blog,  I finally figured out how to added the instagram button, which is located on the right hand side under “Let’s Stay In Touch”.

Since moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress I have been the victim of more spam than my hosting company could handle and they shut down my blog.  So I spent the better half of Sunday afternoon trying to get my blog up and running.  Although this little exercise in spam blocking was not fun, you sure do learn a lot by doing things yourself.

I also need to add my Adsense back in – I sure miss those pennies per day ;-)


Lilac, purple, tan and navy

My blog has officially transferred from Blogger to WordPress. The transition went well and I still need to do a few updates such as adding commentluv, Google+, popular posts, and Adsense. I’ll get to it when I’m a little more comfortable with this new format.

This weekend I went to my aerial silk class which I discussed here and I can finally climb. It was such a break through for me that the instructor asked everyone to watch! Oye, I was slightly embarrased, but managed to show off my new skill. Everyone in class is so nice and I enjoy watching the more experienced ladies do these awesome tricks which, I’ll learn ~ eventually.

Today’s work outfit is a simple combination of lilac, purple, tan and navy.  I have on my navy pair of Ann Taylor Loft, curvy sexy boot cut jeans (see original post here).

SimplyVera_Sweater_Kohls The multi-color sweater is from the Simply Vera line at Kohl’s which I purchased last year. Under the sweater is a simple lilac camisole (which I’ve had forever)  with under-wire support (yup, no bra needed!).  I love these tank tops and even have a similar solid camisole top from Style&co. (Macy’s) that has molded cups.  I feel perfectly ‘secure’ in these camisole tops and encourage you to try one on – I think the support will surprise you.

My shoes are the Crown Vintage Cheryl pumps in blush (sold out on DSW).  I purchased these last year and haven’t worn them.  The shoes are very comfortable, but I’ve had a hard time adding these shoes to outfits as vintage isn’t really my style.  I think the shoes work well with this outfit, although I feel the need to iron the ribbon ties :-)

Crown Vintage Cheryl Pump in blush

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone this week.  Sometimes being away from the blogging world for a few days, can seem like a few weeks.


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News: Blogger to WordPress

Blogger to WordPress

Greetings All!

I thought I’d share a bit of new with you.  On Friday, April 4th, my blog is moving from Blogger to Word Press. I hired Tanya at Blogalina.com to handle the transfer.  There are tons of blog tutorials on how to move a blog from Blogger to Word Press, but since I work full time, if anything goes wrong, I won’t have time to research a fix.  So it’s great to know that I can hire someone to take this transfer off my hands.

Blog posts to resume next week!


H&M online shoping

This weekend the spouse and I are in the desert where the weather is a warm 85F / 29C.  It turned out to be a weekend with a bit of danger.  There was a fire to the east of Indian Wells which blackened the sky and then we had a nice shake up due to a 5.1 earth quake.  On Friday evening, I was in bed reading when the shaking started and was followed by rolling waves of movement.  I went to check on the spouse and dog – both were out cold on the couch.  I thought animals were sensitive to earth quakes. My dog sure doesn’t earn his keep around here.  The fire was quickly contained so the smoke was gone by Saturday morning and the earthquake didn’t hit the desert hard enough to knock over anything, but it’s still an un-nerving sensation.

As usual, my Saturday outfit is super casual.  I’m wearing a t-shirt from the H&M Conscious, sustainable style collection.  I love graphic t-shirts so this was something I had to pick up.  I didn’t see this shirt on the H&M web site, but they probably have a few in the stores.

H&M T-shirt from the  Conscious, sustainable style collection
H&M T-shirt from the  Conscious, sustainable style collection

Now the problem with trying to find this shirt on the H&M web site was that a few other items ended up in my online shopping bag .. honestly, this is the most I’ve ever purchased from H&M.  I just get too overwhelmed while in the actual store, so sometimes online shopping is the way to go.

Here are a few things that I selected:

March online shopping at H&M

It all started with the Eiffel Tower jersey top.  I’ve seen a few cute versions of an Eiffel Tower top from Forever 21 on various blogs. However, I never seem to be able to find this mystery top online or on the racks at this particular store. So once I saw it on H&M, in the online shopping cart it went.  Next, I adore leopard so had to pick up the sweater, a new scarf, a face mask (why not) and a gold short necklace. Can’t wait to get my items ~ I hope these items look as good in person as they do online!

Happy weekend everyone!

A few items from All Cosmetics Wholesale

All Cosmetics Wholesale is an online discount makeup store.  I’ve purchased from this company before, but unsubscribe to their email list to prevent me from continuing to buy stuff I don’t need. So that lasted for a while, but then I somehow ended up back on their e-mail list (funny how that happens).  Of course, I visited the site and purchased a few items.

All Cosmetics Wholesale
All Cosmetics Wholesale

  1. Ever since I saw Allison’s [Never Say Die Beauty] post about Milani’s Anti Feathering Transparent Lip liner, I’ve been on the hunt for similar products.  I did pick up the Milani transparent lip liner and it works great, but there was only one left and I find that Milani isn’t well stocked at most of my local CVS drugstores.  The Lipology Anti Feathering Stick ($3.99) is a bit thicker than the Milani slim lip liner, but works quite the same.  Lipology boast that it has anti-aging properties which I’m always skeptical about.  I really just want a nice clear lip liner to prevent my darker lipsticks from migrating outside my lip line.
  2. Estee Lauder Dual Ended Doublewear Eyeliner is one of few eyeliners that has good staying power on my eyes.  I have oily skin and most eye liners wear right off.  This eyeliner has good staying power and it’s great for travel as one end is brown and the other end is black.  I believe this eyeliner is no longer available on the ACW site.
  3. Z-Palette:  I love these empty palettes for all loose shadows and blushes.  The base of the palette is magnetic so eye shadows pop right in and stay put.  The leopard palette that I purchased was on sale for $9.00 as they are discontinuing the leopard design.  The square palettes are normally $14.00.
  4. Essence gel eye liner in Berlin Rocks (dark purple):  I’ve heard many you tube guru’s rave about the staying power of the Essence black gel liner; however, the dark purple liner doesn’t work well on my lower lash line – no staying power.  No big deal though, for $2.99 it was worth a try.

I’m trying to decide if I should, once again, unsubscribe to All Cosmetics Wholesale email list.  I probably should – I have more makeup than I know what to do with ;-)


Aerial Silk

This weekend I took an aerial silk class at a local studio called Aerial Revolution.  It was a beginner class and although I can do a few of their tricks, I lack the strength to climb.  The class was incredibly fun and I can’t wait to go to the studio again.

Today, I am so sore.  My upper body is so sore that I was thinking about a cute outfit for my blog, but the thought of wiggling out of my current lazy outfit and into a more stylish one just for photo’s is more than this body can bare.  Oh, yes – I am that sore.

Aerial Silk

I’ve read countless times that the way to stay motivated with an exercise program is to do what you love. As a young girl, I loved gymnastics.   I tried to return to gymnastics as a much older adult only to find out that gymnastics really is a young girls sport.  Sure, I can still tumble, but landing on my mature wrists caused too much pain and I had to quit going.  I’ve also joined various gyms and discovered that I don’t like weight training.  I never did weight training as a gymnast, we did body weight conditioning. So that is where I will start so I can gain enough strength to climb, twist and twirl on that silk curtain.  It’s a challenge that I’m up for.

But for now … I’m off to find the Advil.


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Casual spring outfit

Today is the first day of spring and to celebrate I decided to wear a new purchase from Kohl’s - a Simply Vera Wang floral print t-shirt.  

Simply Vera Wang floral tee from Kohls | Cardigan from H&M
Simply Vera Wang floral tee from Kohls | Cardigan from H&M
The gray cardigan is a new purchase from H&M.  You would think with all the beautiful bright colors for spring, I would find some other color than gray, but I’m just a creature of habit.  Besides, I really liked the cut of the button-less cardigan and it seemed like a good topper for the gray/purple colors in the tee.
Levis, 529 Curvy Bootcut
On the bottom half, I’m wearing Levis, 529 Curvy Bootcut jeans.  These jeans fit perfectly all over – no gap in the waist which is quite common for the pear shape.  I added the slim silver belt for a nice detail.
And last but not least .. the photo’s were taken by me!  Well, with a remote.  Not too bad, I say!